Force-free training for a happy and well-socialised dog

Just welcomed a puppy into your life? Have an older dog that could desperately use some training? Or just want to ensure you’re using the best positive-reinforcement strategies for a happy and well-socialised dog?

Our RSPCA Dog Training school is the answer to all your canine questions and issues.

With a range of classes catering for everything from puppies to adults (and their humans, of course!), you’ll walk away understanding exactly how to best communicate with your dog. That includes:

  • Understanding your dog’s individual body language and needs.
  • Learning how to be a guardian and champion for your dog.
  • Connecting exercises to ensure you and your dog thrive in real-life situations.
  • Discovering how to make learning fun for you and your dog.
  • Building trust and respect between you and your dog.

Best of all, all proceeds from our dog training classes go back towards helping animals in need – so you’ll know you’re making a huge difference to all creatures great and small across South Australia.

Want a taste test? Sign up to our FREE 6-part dog training video series

To help show you how simple and fun our force-free training techniques are, our RSPCA dog trainer Heather Bradley has created a free and easy-to-follow 6-part dog training series. She’ll show you how to teach your puppy or dog to sit, drop, touch, walk on a loose lead, come, wait and other super cool tricks.

Watch Lesson 1 below, then simply pop your details in the form to receive the next 5 training videos straight to your inbox – absolutely free of charge. We hope you find the videos and tips useful and have lots of fun training and bonding with your dog.

Ready to sign up? See our RSPCA Dog Training programs currently on offer

Using only scientifically based force-free methods, our qualified RSPCA Dog Trainers will guide you through simple exercises such as walking nicely and reliable recalls, to fun and fulfilling activities for you and your dog. We’ll also provide lots of tips along the way for all those little habits our four-legged friends tend to have. 

Small class sizes ensure more one-on-one time to develop a really strong partnership with your dog. 

Puppy Partnership

Where it all begins. Our pivotal class for puppies aged 8–16 weeks.

Foundation Program

Stage one for adult dogs. Aimed at dogs aged 14 weeks and over.

Canine College

Stage two! For dogs who’ve completed our Foundation Program.

Dogtorate Program

Stage three! For dogs who’ve completed our Canine College.


An introduction to fun scent work activities for dogs who like to sniff.

One-on-one Training

One-on-one Training

Covering common behaviour in dogs and puppies.

Hyper Hounds Workshop

Hyper Hounds Workshop

For dogs who become easily over-excited, over-aroused or anxious.

Meet our RSPCA-qualified dog trainers

Heather Bradley
RSPCA South Australia Dog Trainer

Having experienced all sorts of different training styles having had German Shepherds for many years, Heather was really happy to find the use of force-free training while working at Guide Dogs for the Blind in the UK. It is from them that she adopted her last dog Iris, who travelled to Australia with her in 2012.

Heather has since been working at the RSPCA South Australia and previously to this role was the Education Coordinator, particularly as an advocate of their Lead by Example campaign. She has been continuing her love of dog training with Canine Behavioural School for the past 4 years and is now working with her new partner in crime Paddy who features in the RSPCA South Australia training videos.

Heather qualified as a Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor last year and very much enjoys the honour of helping people build relationships with their dogs using the latest scientific methods in animal learning. She has a passion for gaining knowledge and attends many courses, webinars and workshops to ensure she has the most up to date information. She is midway through a DogNostics Dog Behaviour Consultant Diploma and intends to undertake the Canine Training Technician qualification through the Pet Professional Guild.

Heather is a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild internationally and Australia and also of the APDT.

Annabel Hamilton
RSPCA South Australia Dog Trainer

Annabel is a Karen Pryor Academy Training Partner which means she is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Training Professional Program. She is also a Fear Free Certified Professional Animal Trainer which means that she can work in partnership with veterinary teams to help prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress and improve an animal’s emotional well being during veterinary and in-home care.

Annabel teaches all levels of pet dog training classes including Puppy, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters. She also takes one on one sessions for nervous and fearful dogs and uses counter conditioning and desensitisation techniques to help these dogs become more comfortable in the world.

Annabel loves getting to know families and their dogs and teaching force free positive reinforcement techniques that help everyone have a wonderful life together.

Sharon Hobbs
RSPCA South Australia Dog Trainer

Sharon has been in the pet industry for several years. After training her own dogs, she discovered her passion for dog behaviour and studied to get her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Service through The Delta Institute.

Sharon is constantly furthering her education and is a member of the Australian Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Pet Professional Guild Internationally and in Australia.

Sharon has a passion for educating owners and  loves to see how owners and their furry family members progress during their training. She especially loves watching the bond between owners and their dogs grow as they become more confident with force-free training methods.

Paula Dickerson
RSPCA South Australia Dog Trainer

Paula entered the dog training profession in 2013. She studied dog behaviour and training, clicker training, and Cert IV in companion animal services with The Delta Institute.

She is a member of Australian Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) attending regular conferences, webinars and courses. She currently works with puppies, adolescent dogs, older dogs, shy and nervous dogs and rescue dogs. She is totally committed to helping you understand how your dog thinks, feels and learns.

Paula is deeply passionate about the well-being of all dogs and enriching their lives through the understanding and ethical application of positive reinforcement and behaviour modification.

As a force-free dog trainer, Paula is privileged to have the opportunity to meet and work with a great variety of dogs and explore their world with love and compassion.

Sharon Milne
RSPCA South Australia Dog Trainer

Sharon discovered the wonders of Positive Reinforcement Training (Force Free) after her daughter brought an anxious, very loving American Staffordshire Terrier into her home.

Sharon excelled in her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies through The Delta Institute. 

After 25 years in nursing, she now follows her passion and works as an accredited dog trainer, taking classes, private consults and working within the service dog industry. Sharon is a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild internationally and Australia and also of the APDT.

RSPCA South Australia