Working together for a brighter future for animals

Our Ambassadors and Furbassadors are helping take animal welfare to the next level across South Australia. These leading South Aussie people (and animals!) help tell our community, nation and the world about our work to protect animals from cruelty. Together, we’re creating a brighter future for animals and people. 

We personally hand-pick each Ambassador and Furbassador based on their demonstrated passion for animal welfare. While we’re not currently recruiting new partners, if you’d like to chat to us about becoming an Ambassador or Furbassador, please email

Our Ambassadors

Teresa Palmer

Adelaide-born Hollywood actress Teresa is a passionate advocate for animal welfare. Before she pursued acting as a career, she wanted to open her own animal sanctuary – it’s still a cause close to her heart.

Hamish Hartlett

Hamish is an AFL football player for the Port Adelaide Football Club. Hamish aims to make people more aware of the responsibilities associated with looking after an animal the right way. 

Amelia Mulcahy

Amelia is one of Channel Seven Adelaide’s weather presenter. Amelia is dedicated to ensuring that all rescue animals are welcomed into loving and responsible homes.

Jessie Spiby

Jessie is Adelaide born and a lover of all things spicy, soupy and local foodie. Owner of My Grandma Ben, Jessie focuses on her passion for sustainability. Jessie adopted her dog Dave from RSPCA South Australia.

Kristen Sheffield

Foodie extraordinaire Kristen spent her childhood fundraising for RSPCA South Africa (her home country). Kristen supports RSPCA’s Choose Wisely campaign to help educate the public about humane food options.

Our Furbassadors


Archer the gorgeous German Shepherd is incredibly clever, very regal and loves to learn loads of new tricks. He also has moments of sheer goofiness and never fails to make everyone laugh. 

Morty and Rick

Morty is the biggest mama’s boy while Rick wants to meet every dog he come across. The pair are usually either playing ‘bitey-face’, chasing each other around the house or snoozing away.


Bella is a 6-year-old Siberian Husky. She is energetic and highly intelligent but has that free husky spirit. Bella has such a sweet soul; her goal is to win over everybody’s heart – and she’s usually successful!


Zeus the Malamute loves playing tug of war and chewing on any toys that squeak. On the weekends Zeus can often be found strolling along the beach or running amok with his friends at the local dog park.  

Bella and Bailey

Bella and Bailey are two insanely cute and mischievous miniature dachshunds. Bella is a true princess, while Bailey is a comedian keeping his mum on her toes with his antics and chatting (aka barking).


Elvie was found by our rescue officers, terribly injured at the Adelaide Convention Centre car park. Elvie fought for her life before RSPCA nursed her to health. Happy as ever now, Elvie has a sweet and mischievous soul.

Furbassador Archie


Archie is one handsome kitty — but that’s Sir Archie to you! Archie was adopted from RSPCA South Australia 2 years ago. He loves treats, a soft blanket and a good nap in his private catio. 


Misty is a Maremma cross Border Collie cross Koolie. She loves going on adventures and seeing new places. She is very food motivated and loves everyone she comes in contact with.


Obi was found at just a few weeks old roaming the streets of Whyalla all alone. RSPCA Whyalla took Obi in and helped him find a furever home. Obi now loves going to the dog park and watching David Attenborough.


Indy is a German Shepherd cross who was brought to RSPCA as a stray when she was just one year old. Now in a loving furever home, Indy loves water – the hose is definitely her favourite.


Maggie only wants three things in life: food, sleep and … food. When she’s not snoring or eating, she loves a beach walk followed by a Pugachino. You just can’t help but squeeze those chubby rolls. 


Rory is a super cuddly Cavoodle with a heart of gold and fur to match. She loves beach walks, doing tricks for treats and sharing her joy with new people and furriends everywhere she goes.