A visionary action plan to help resolve South Australia’s cat crisis

Like dogs, every cat deserves a responsible owner. But sadly, we’re facing a major cat overpopulation challenge in South Australia – leading to poor animal welfare outcomes for far too many cats and kittens.

Widespread cat overpopulation also places intense pressure on neighbourhoods and councils, as well as animal welfare charities left to pick up the pieces.

We need a statewide action plan to solve this crisis.

For the first time, RSPCA and AWL have come together to develop a pragmatic and comprehensive Cat Management Plan for South Australia.

We believe our plan – based on detailed scientific research – provides clear and achievable steps for creating much-needed positive change across our state.

Have questions?

We’ve created a detailed ‘frequently asked questions’ document to help you understand the proposed changes.

Read the research

Our plan draws from an extensive national scientific study conducted by RSPCA Australia.

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What’s in the plan: 26 action points for positive statewide change

Our detailed Cat Management Plan for South Australia outlines 26 actions for increased collaboration between cat owners, community members, councils, animal welfare charities and other stakeholders.

The actions include:

  • Better promotion of responsible cat ownership.
  • New measures to help curb unwanted breeding, increase cat identification and better control cat roaming.
  • Strategies to increase cat rehoming, reduce surrenders and abandonment and lower the number of un-desexed stray cats in SA.
  • Legislative changes to make cat management practices consistent across SA, along with proposals to increase funding for cat management.
  • Research to ensure the plan’s action points are effective.

Change is essential, but it won’t happen overnight

Effective cat management will require a long-term and consistent state-wide approach.

While we know that cat management is a complex challenge that will take time for effect, we also know that the only solution requires councils to take the lead on a consistent approach.

Our community can no longer ignore this burgeoning animal welfare issue, and charities such as ours can’t continue to carry the burden of responsibility with no real solution in sight.

We hope you will join us in supporting this much-needed plan.

Want to help end cat overpopulation?

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