Remembering RSPCA South Australia with a gift in your Will is an important gesture that you can make to secure the future for sick, injured and abandoned animals.

Gifts in Wills are vital to our work. Without people remembering RSPCA South Australia in their Will, we simply would not be able to care for the thousands of animals that desperately need us each year.

Any support you can provide through a gift can make a difference to the life of an abandoned animal. Our most dedicated supporters often remember us with a residual gift in their Will, which can be worth more than twice as much as a pecuniary gift. This will help us care for more animals in the future.

Testimonial – The late Taimi Sinikka Nurrka’s story.

RSPCA South Australia recently received a wonderful bequest from the Estate of the Late Taimi Sinikka Nurrka.

Taimi’s stepson Michael wanted us to know that Taimi was a very caring person and had faithfully and lovingly cared for his father Reg, during his later years. He described Taimi as an animal lover who had many cats throughout her life, and held animal welfare close to her heart.

Even though Taimi had not made her generous intentions known to RSPCA South Australia prior to her passing, she had a desire to provide for the care of animals. She demonstrated this desire through a generous gift in her Will to support our work, which will be used to improve the lives of abandoned, abused, sick and injured animals.

Bequest gifts make a significant difference to animals’ lives well beyond the life of the giver. Without the generosity and foresight of people like Taimi, our work to prevent cruelty to animals and to find forever homes for thousands of animals every year would not be possible.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Taimi and her family on behalf of all creatures great and small.

For more information about remembering RSPCA South Australia in your Will, including wording for your Will, download the PDF below:

Remembering Your Most Loyal Friends – RSPCA South Australia

When you remember RSPCA South Australia in your Will, you can also join our Care for Life Program. We all worry about what might happen to our pets if something happens to us. The Care for Life Program takes that worry away. It’s perfect for pet owners who want to make arrangements for the future care of their loyal companions.

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