The truth about animal cruelty in SA

For the second year in a row, we’re throwing open our animal cruelty case files, giving you a no-holds-barred look at the horror of animal suffering occurring every day across South Australia.

We know our 2018/19 cruelty case files are shocking and difficult to read.

But we believe it’s only through understanding the scale of what we’re dealing with that animal lovers like you can help us – the only charity with inspectors empowered to take legal action against animal abuse offenders – in our fight to combat cruelty.

See full details of every case we prosecuted in South Australian courts in 2018-19. 

Please help us prevent animal pain and suffering. Pledge to combat cruelty now.

Our 2018-19 case files at a glance

Cruelty reports received
Cases prosecuted
RSPCA inspectors in SA
Square kms covered in SA

977 animals seized or surrendered into RSPCA care

Cats 34%
Dogs 30%
Other 20%
Farm 16%
People received warnings to improve their animal's welfare
Offenders faced court

579 animals were abandoned in backyards and vacated properties

Dogs and puppies 56%
Cats and kittens 32%
Other 12%

“Abandonment cases are absolutely heartbreaking. The suffering of these animals is often immense. And worst of all, some are forced to die cruel, slow and senseless deaths.”

– RSPCA Chief Inspector Andrea

Only 7 inspectors cover all of South Australia

RSPCA South Australia inspectors - 2019 (1)
Average number of cases each inspector investigates each year

We do receive some State Government funding to help run our inspectorate arm, but it’s not nearly enough.

We believe this work is so important that we allocate another $1.5 million – at least! – each year to ensure our inspectors can investigate more animal cruelty reports.

It’s only with generous community donations that we can keep our inspectors on the road.

The happiness of survivors keeps us going despite all the horror

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Please help us combat cruelty in South Australia

Remember, you can help us prevent animal pain and suffering.

Please, we urge you, take our pledge and join us in preventing and stopping animal cruelty.