‘No pets in rentals’ causes heartache for South Australian families

Every year hundreds of pets are surrendered to RSPCA South Australia and other animal welfare and rescue organisations by families who need to rent but cannot find rental properties that will accept pets.

If you are a landlord and have a pet, you might not have thought much about the consequences of ticking the ‘no pets’ box whenever your property comes up for rent.

But consider this: in 2017 The Advertiser reported that less than 5 per cent of rental properties in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs allowed pets.

With 62 per cent of Australian families owning a pet as part of the family, many families who have animals and need to rent are being forced to surrender loved pets just to keep a roof over their heads.

This is a poor outcome for animals and families that love pets.

The fact is that loved pets cause minimal damage to rental properties. Landlords may also find that tenants with pets are more likely to stay for longer terms.

Rather than rental agreements defaulting to not allowing pets, RSPCA South Australia encourages private landlords, strata corporations and retirement villages to accept tenants with dogs and cats as the ‘default’ position.

Where to find help and resources

The State Government provides a range of information to assist landlords and tenants who wish to consider incorporating pets in rental properties. 

Please see the following resources:

If you are a landlord who understands why people love their pets, please consider allowing families with pets to rent your property. 

A woman in her rental home with three dogs