Joys of volunteering at an RSPCA South Australia op shop

August 06, 2018

Did you know we have more than 150 amazing volunteers across our six op shop locations in Adelaide? Perhaps you have met some of the friendly faces while visiting one of our stores.

We simply wouldn’t be able to run our op shops (and raise crucial funds for animals in need) without our team of wonderful volunteers.

So, as we prepare to launch our seventh op shop – a major superstore at Kidman Park – we thought we’d ask several of our vollies why they choose to volunteer at RSPCA South Australia’s op shops.

‘Being part of a community’

Mary, a recent addition to our Prospect store, decided to volunteer at an RSPCA op shop as she “loves animals and wanted to give back to the community”.

“I was worried if I volunteered at Lonsdale shelter, all the animals would come home with me. Working in a retail environment for RSPCA was the next best thing, and still super helpful,” explained Mary.

Mary moved from the Philippines at the start of the year, and mentioned volunteering at one of our op shops has given her a skill set in a retail environment, and an opportunity to meet some wonderful people within the community. She loves meeting new customers, hearing their stories and meeting their cute pooches, while having a sense of fulfillment.

When Mary isn’t volunteering at our Prospect store, she is busy cuddling her housemate’s dogs and studying business at university.

‘Sense of purpose’

Trudy, a young retiree and mother of three, volunteers at our Marden store. She believes volunteering has “given her a sense of purpose”.

“I chose to be a volunteer to give back to, and support my community. I wanted to volunteer for RSPCA South Australia because I highly value the work they do and I know I am making a difference by helping to raise money for animal welfare,” Trudy told us.

Trudy has been volunteering with us since Marden opened in last September, what a superstar!

She believes the interaction with customers is one of the greatest benefits of volunteering, especially establishing friendships with regulars. And she prides herself on receiving excellent feedback from customers.

Anyone welcome to volunteer at our op shops

Volunteering at one of our op shops not only gives people a sense of purpose and community involvement, it’s also an opportunity to develop retail skills and confidence.

Anyone can volunteer at RSPCA’s op shops, all we ask is for you to commit to one shift a week and – of course – have fun!

With already established stores in Blackwood, Brighton, Marden, Prospect, Semaphore and Warradale, we are now just about to open our seventh store, and first ever op shop superstore, in Kidman Park on September 1.

Can you spare time to help us save animals? It’s only with the support of kind-hearted volunteers that RSPCA South Australia can reach so many abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals each year. Help us help them – apply to volunteer at our Kidman Park Superstore now.

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9 thoughts on “Joys of volunteering at an RSPCA South Australia op shop”

  1. fabienne

    volunteers are amazing 🙂

  2. Kate

    Thank you volunteers for all the hard work you put in.

  3. Susan Castillo

    Im the mother of mary working in ksa. Tnx for giving her chance to be one of the volunteer. God bless.

  4. Constance

    How do I find out about volunteering in your Op Shop at Warradale?

  5. Diane Rawson

    I would like to volunteer at the Marden store but dont know who to contact. Could you please help me.

  6. Philip

    Hi my name is Phil I’m a dog lover and have skills in regards to interacting with most dogs I have a 5 year old red nose pit bull named Bella who’s my best friend and first priority., I’m currently on home detention which doesn’t allow me to return to my normal place of employment until I’m no longer under community corrections home detention bail orders., So I have a lot of free time available now & would really appreciate the opportunity to do something fullfilling with my new found free time in working to help out with any thing possible at one of the animal shelters located across South Australia. I’m currently residing in the golden Grove area .

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