5 reasons to participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 13, 2019

It’s the one day where it is completely acceptable to bring your pooch into the office.

Established by Pet Sitters International in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day, was created to celebrate the companionship of dogs and promote their adoptions. The day has developed as a great way to experience the joys of pets in the workplace, and to raise money for local animal shelters, such as RSPCA South Australia’s Shelter at Lonsdale.

Besides an endless supply of furry cuddles, bringing your dog to work is also beneficial for your mental health and that of your enthusiastic puppy-petting co-workers. So here are some reasons why you and your fur child should participate in Take You Dog to Work Day…

1. Dogs relieve stress

Not surprisingly, dogs can decrease stress levels in the office creating a happier, more comfortable and flexible environment.

According to the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, a survey found that those who brought their dogs to work had decreased stress levels throughout the working day.  So if you’re at work and starting to feel the heat, having your pooch on hand for constant cuddles might (definitely) make you feel better instantly!

Take Your Dog to Work Day - Sonya & Winnie

2. Dogs are good icebreakers  

Dogs don’t just spark joy, they could also spark new acquaintances. Dogs are social creatures and a great catalyst for conversation, making them the perfect networking associate. Who could resist interacting with you when you’re accompanied by a furry friend?

Take Your Dog to Work Day - Scooby

3. Dogs help boost your creativity and productivity

The survey conducted by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management also suggests that having your supportive pooch nearby can boost creativity and productivity. Due to lower stress levels and the short breaks needed to tend to your pet’s needs, you may feel refreshed and more engaged when you’re back at your desk.

Take Your Dog to Work Day - Lisa

4. Your dog could make some new friends  

This day doesn’t just benefit you, it’s for your dog too! Your pup can make some new pals in your co-worker’s pets that are also participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day. Did someone say afternoon puppuccinos?

Take Your Dog to Work Day - Scooby & Damon

5. Bringing your dog to work is a win-win situation

Bringing your pooch to work is a real win-win situation. Not only does your pooch get a break from the backyard, but you and your coworkers get a trusty and furry assistant that’s sure to boost morale!

Take Your Dog to Work Day

While it probably didn’t take much to convince the puppy petting enthusiasts out there that bringing your pup to work with you is incredibly beneficial, be sure to check with your employer before your Chief Barking Officer joins you for Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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2 thoughts on “5 reasons to participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day”

  1. Emma

    Hi – I would like to run a bring your dog to work day – outside of the usual cycle to raise money for the RSPCA. Do you have any resources that can help me set this up, how to manage this, things to do etc?

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