Justice for Rosco, the brave Rhodesian Ridgeback

June 26, 2020

Thanks to the help of incredible supporters like you, our team of inspectors is able to seek justice through the legal system for precious animals who are abused or neglected.

Incredibly, often the mistreatment is not by a stranger, but at the hands of animals’ owners.

This is the situation that confronted our inspectors in early 2018, when they discovered Rosco – a beautiful 8-year-old (at the time) Rhodesian Ridgeback – who suffered a serious leg injury from a suspected car hit, which was then left untreated by his owner.

Rosco’s right hind leg was severely swollen with an open wound – causing him a great deal of pain and discomfort, and stopping him from living an active and happy life.

Our inspectors seize Rosco to give him the treatment he needs

Thankfully, our investigating inspectorate team had enough evidence to warrant seizing Rosco from his owner and bringing him into the official care of RSPCA.

After undertaking x-rays, veterinarians determined that Rosco had a broken hock, which would require orthopedic surgery followed by weeks of intensive rehabilitation.

What we stand for

It’s so important for RSPCA to bring prosecution cases against animal cruelty offenders under South Australia’s Animal Welfare Act to act as a deterrent for similar offences.

Rosco’s former owner, a Blair Athol woman, was charged with breach of duty of care to an animal, and was last year convicted in the Adelaide Magistrates Court of ill-treating Rosco by failing to mitigate harm to him and treat his broken leg.

She received a two-year good behaviour bond, was ordered to pay $2,350 in veterinarian legal costs, and was banned from owning all animals for two years.

Meanwhile, Rosco was ready to be given a wonderful second chance.

A happy ending for Rosco, as a temporary foster home turns into a lifelong home of love

Thankfully, Rosco’s emotional wounds were also able to be treated by his wonderful foster carers Cody and Jasmine.

The brave Rhodesian Ridgeback has since made a full recovery and continues to bask in Cody and Jasmine’s love.

Cody and Jasmine’s affection for Rosco grew so strong that they eventually adopted him as a permanent member of their family.

“At first, Rosco was a bit ‘stand-offish’,” Cody says.

“He didn’t want us touching him – especially his leg. But after a while he let his defences down and we started to see some adorable puppy-like elements coming out in him,” Cody tells us.

“These days, Rosco is the one who comforts us,” Cody adds.

RSPCA is the only South Australian charity with legal power to investigate animal cruelty – but inspectors rely on the public to be their eyes and ears. That’s why RSPCA has again launched its Combat Cruelty campaign, which asks South Australians to take the pledge to combat cruelty.

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7 thoughts on “Justice for Rosco, the brave Rhodesian Ridgeback”

  1. Tania

    Just letting you know that Rosco is not a Rhodesian Ridgeback at all. Perhaps he has a little bit in him? Colour, ridge? But he certainly is not that breed, which is obvious in so many ways.
    I think the rspca is wonderful and does so much fabulous work; it’s an invaluable organization that we are lucky to have!
    However misinformation is not a good way to go… If whoever composed this does their research, they will soon realize this claim is wrong.
    Let’s keep the image of the rspca up where it belongs with accurate information provided.
    On the flip side, such a good outcome for Rosco 👏

    1. Hi Tania, when our inspectors seized Rosco and brought him to our Lonsdale shelter, our vets and animal care team determined that he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback X / Sharpei. It’s likely that he is a cross of a few different breeds. It certainly was a great outcome for him in the end 🙂

  2. Dee Lee

    Why doesn’t WA RSPCA have any authority or legal power to investigate animal cruelty ?? This is disturbing. Please explain.

  3. Tim Molineux

    True Heroes dont need to wear capes. Thankyou RSPCA

  4. Anita Tavendale

    So love the r.s.p.c.a and we have adopted, sponsored, donated. It’s a shame “know it all’” get in touch over a dogs breed when Rosco is bits and bobs but that’s not the point anyway. He was abused. And the RSPCA came to the rescue. Let’s give them the accolades they deserve, as they do so wonderfully. And leave the small and unnecessary criticism out of it.

  5. Anna

    how is he doing

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