How one velvet rabbit became an adored ‘foster fail’ – along with all six of her babies!

June 27, 2019

At the end of 2017, our Lonsdale shelter welcomed a rather unique arrival – one mumma Rex rabbit came in with six tiny babies in tow, each just 11 days old.

It was crucial for the survival of these baby bunnies that they remained with the mother. Thankfully, one of our most experienced foster carers stepped up to help.

Over a year later and gorgeous Quinn is thriving with her now fully grown family and adopted owner Christina.

Calm and gentle Quinn looks after her babies almost ‘a little too well’

Having volunteered as a foster career with RSPCA South Australia since 2015, rabbit-loving Christina couldn’t say no to Quinn and her babies when they arrived at the shelter.

“They were the cutest things I had ever seen,” Christina says. “Rex rabbits are known for their velvet-like coats, and Quinn’s was a striking blue.”

Taking care of a mumma as special as Quinn certainly made Christina’s job as a foster carer easier, even if she did spoil her babies a little at first!

“Quinn is an absolutely amazing mum, she has taken the best care of them, “Christina tells us.

“In fact, she probably looked after them a little too well – mothers are supposed to stop feeding at about eight weeks, but she kept going for another four!”

The doting mother’s work was cut out for her too, with Christina reminiscing over how Quinn would often stand on her tippy toes to feed all six of her fast-growing bubs.

‘One of a kind’: the perfect home for Quinn and her wittle W’s

As warm and wonderful as the living situation of this tight-knit family is, it’s even more unique than it is adorable.

Not only is it unusual for more than two rabbits to live together domestically, but it’s even rarer for a mother to continue living with her babies.

“They are truly one of a kind,” Christina dotes.

“It started out as foster care, but I knew I had to adopt them all so they could stay as one big happy family.”

And the cuteness doesn’t stop there – Christina decided to name all six bubs in theme with the letter ‘W’: Waffles, Wattle, Willow, Womble, Wren and a very special lone boy – Wilbur!

Waffles is an extremely affectionate girl who loves cuddles with Christina.


Wattle loves to binky, which means she jumps in the air when she is very happy!


Willow is one very adventurous bunny.


Womble is still very much a mummy’s girl who follows Quinn everywhere.


Wren is a super adventurous girl who loves to explore, yet she is the most well-behaved and always comes when called!


As the only boy, Wilbur is the most placid in the group and sometimes enjoys a little alone time away from his sisters.

‘They will always be Quinn’s babies’

Once able to fit in this tiny box with all five of her siblings, now not even Willow can fit in here on her own.

“The rabbits have had their first birthday and are bigger than their mum now, but I still call them babies – they will always be Quinn’s babies,” Christina says.

“It has been a beautiful adventure to see Quinn care for and raise them. We are so grateful to have these cuties in our life.”

Quinn couldn’t be a prouder mother!

These precious rabbits are just as grateful for Christina as she is for them. If you‘d like to join Christina and become a foster carer for animals in need, head over here to apply.


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