This cat was just reunited with her family after 16 years apart

November 01, 2019

This story was reported on in The Advertiser on September 12, 2019

Ninja the cat was rescued by RSPCA South Australia earlier this year, and after scanning her microchip we were amazed to track down her family from over 16 years ago.

Ninja’s previous owner Greta thought it was a hoax when she received a call from RSPCA, saying that a cat registered under her name had been found.

“We had another cat that passed away a few years ago so I didn’t know what to think,” says Greta, who went to RSPCA’s Stepney headquarters to find out more about the mystery cat.

Image: The Advertiser

‘I just about fell over backwards’

After immediately recognising Ninja’s beautiful pure white coat, Greta could not believe that their beloved old cat had found her way back into their lives.

“I just about fell over backwards when they showed me her photograph,” recalls Greta.

Greta and her family had rescued Ninja as a young kitten 17 years ago from a community centre, and sadly had to give her up for adoption due to a personality clash with their existing cat.

“She is a darling, I didn’t want to give her away back then … she was my favourite pet,” says Greta. At the time, Ninja was passed on to a loving family with all of her official paperwork, and Greta believed that Ninja was in the right hands.

Unfortunately, Ninja’s new owners never updated her microchip details, and she was also passed on to a few more families over the last 16 years.

Ninja Cat Shelter 2

‘RSPCA was incredible, and I am so impressed with the microchip system’

It was only when Ninja’s most recent owner passed away that a friendly neighbour took notice and reported Ninja to RSPCA.

“I am blown away to have her back in my life, and grateful to be able to spend more time with her,” says Greta.

Despite being very skinny and sunburnt after living tough for a few months, Ninja is happy to be home with her family.

“Given what she has been through, we are amazed at how affectionate she is,” Greta says.

Ninja was very familiar with her family immediately, and when Greta’s son came to visit the two of them spent and afternoon sitting with Ninja, talking and patting her. “She reacted to my son’s voice, from that point on she realised who we were,” recalls Greta.

Ninja Cat Playing

A comfy indoor home for this adventurous cat

After making some changes to accommodate their new arrival, Ninja now enjoys the comfort of her own little ‘granny flat’ at the back of the house.

“Ninja has her own playground space with boxes, her own lounge chair and comfortable spots for her to snuggle up and sleep in peace,” says Greta.

Ninja Cat Home

‘Ninja enjoys a few minutes in the garden to explore every day’

One of Ninja’s favourite pastimes is listening to jazz music on the TV and cuddling up for pats.

She loves attention and scratches, and will put her paw out to ask for more scratches.

Greta says this was obviously meant to be. “She was always active as a younger cat, and was always a wanderer, and now she wandered back into our lives … we could not be happier.”

Ninja Cat Garden

We are thrilled to see Ninja reunited with her original family, and her story highlights the importance of both microchipping your pet and then ensuring you keep your details up to date.

Want to know exactly how to update the details on your pet’s microchip? See our ‘Complete guide to microchipping your pet in South Australia,’ to find out everything you need to know.

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