This brave puppy would never let a broken leg stop her from thanking her rescuers

August 22, 2019

Remember this sweet little face? At only nine weeks old, poor Lilly came into RSPCA South Australia’s care in absolute agony.

The jack russell terrier-cross’ front left paw was badly broken, and we’ll never know just what caused the injury – or how long she suffered without help.

At first, our veterinarians weren’t even sure if the tiny puppy’s leg could be saved.

We’re now thrilled to say that Lilly made a speedy recovery and has found her forever home, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Compassionate South Aussies won’t give up on Lilly

Lilly’s little paw jutted off at an angle that was going to require complex and risky surgery to straighten, so our veterinarians called in the assistance of a highly skilled specialist vet in Adelaide.

We were determined not to give up on the puppy’s case, but unfortunately the specialist care she needed came at a significant cost to our charity.

So we asked for your help to cover the costs of her surgery and rehabilitation, and the response was beyond heartwarming.

Luckily for Lilly, the chances of saving her leg weren’t over yet – our generous supporters donated over $2,000 to her cause.

Thanks to your generosity, she received the treatment she so desperately needed and was able to recover well, ready to find a home where she would receive the love she deserved.

Love at first sight for Lilly’s besotted adopted family

In her weeks of recovery, Lilly was fostered by our compassionate staff member Tahnee.

During this time, the sweet little puppy was lucky enough to meet a friend of Tahnee’s called Shelley, who would soon welcome her into her family’s home forever.

Shelley was actually in the process of purchasing a dog through a breeder at the time, and thought she would never consider adoption due to the stigma involved.

“People assume that rescue dogs have behavioural issues that can’t be solved, but that’s just not the case,” Shelley tells us.

When Shelley’s husband and son first met Lilly at Tahnee’s, their mind was made up for them. They couldn’t believe how beautifully gentle and affectionate the puppy was.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen to her leg, we knew she might lose it,” Shelley says.

“But we all fell in love with Lilly. My son said ‘I don’t care if she only has three legs – I just want her.'”

Lilly now runs around like ‘an absolute rocket’ thanks to her life-changing surgery

If it weren’t for the support of those who generously donated to Lilly’s emergency fund, she wouldn’t have such a playful life in her new home.

“I want everyone who donated to know that Lilly’s having a great life now – she runs around like an absolute rocket,” Shelley tells us.

“Without all your donations it would have been a very different outcome. She’s very lucky.”

As someone who never thought she would adopt, Shelley knows that since Lilly entered her life, she’ll never look back.

“To people who haven’t considered adoption, I think you need to meet the animals – then you’ll change your mind,” she says.

Thank you Shelley, and thank you to all our supporters.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’re so grateful to all our supporters who made Lilly’s new life with Shelley and her family a reality. If you’d like to continue helping animals just like Lilly, head over here to see our current emergency appeals.

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