Justice for Tex after one of worst cases of chronic animal neglect

August 02, 2018

“This is a result of a lifetime of neglect. I can’t believe that someone can leave an animal who is clearly in excruciating pain and distress.”

Earlier this week at the Elizabeth Magistrates Court an Angaston woman was convicted of animal cruelty and handed a court-imposed ban on owning animals; for long-term neglect of her Rottweiler Tex.

In December last year, RSPCA Inspector Shelly seized Tex, an eight-year-old Rottweiler, as the owner had failed to comply with legal direction to seek much needed vet treatment. It is one of the worst cases of chronic neglect of an animal that Inspector Shelly has ever witnessed.

Despite the best efforts from our vets, external specialists and months of care from RSPCA South Australia’s staff and foster carers, Tex’s years of neglect had caused irreversible damage. Sadly there was no other option but to free Tex from pain so he was humanely euthanased.

The defendant was prosecuted by RSPCA South Australia and was found guilty and convicted of failure to mitigate harm and failure to comply with an animal welfare notice. She received a 12 month good behaviour bond, a Section 32A court order banning her from owning any other animals and ordered to pay $1,752 in legal and vet fees.

RSPCA South Australia is the state’s only animal welfare charity empowered to prosecute animal cruelty under SA’s Animal Welfare Act. Learn more here.


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3 thoughts on “Justice for Tex after one of worst cases of chronic animal neglect”

  1. The Vegan Spread

    This is just heartbreaking! That poor boy who seemed to have such a beautiful temperament was suffering for 8 long years. I’m so glad his owner was brough to justice thanks to you RSPCA. I’m heartbroken that Tex lost his life due to her but that poor boy is finally out of pain. Fly High Tex ❤️

  2. Katie

    Because he was helping create puppies for her to make money from. Disgusting she didnt get any jail time.

  3. Lainie

    If this lady was a registered breeder I hope that the information was provided to the canine association

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