6 ways to include your hound in your wedding

October 31, 2018

With the feint whiff of wedding bells and bridezillas in the air, this wedding season has RSPCA South Australia feeling all sorts of inspiration. As we all know, none of life’s special occasions are complete without your fur-friend by your side – and a wedding is no exception.

But even if Fido or Daisy can’t physically be there with you, plenty of great other options exist to help you incorporate animals into your big day. So, in preparation for your upcoming nuptials, we’ve put together six of the best ways to incorporate furry friends into your special day. Can we get a ‘woof yes’?

1. Include your pet in your engagement announcement

Puppy pawtraits are a way of life and nothing tops a ring-on-the-finger proclamation better than having your four-legged friend involved.

Celebrating life’s most important times is a keepsake you’ll cherish forever, a lot like your beloved dog. It only makes sense to combine the two and max out the happiness.

2. Get your hound to pop the question for you

Looking for a creative, fun and deeply-thoughtful way of popping the big question to your partner? Or maybe just too nervous to do it yourself? Let your fluffer do the heavy lifting and get down on one paw for you.

Attach your ring to their collar, hang a cute sign around their neck or simply have them with you – asking someone to marry you is that much better with your loyal hound by your side.

3. Opt for bonbonnieres that help animals in need

Looking for a new and unique way to give your guests a gift? Well, we say there’s no better gift than the knowledge that you’re helping animals in-need – and these oh-so-cute RSPCA South Australia bonbonnieres are the best way to do it!

The purr-fect accent to your table setting, meaningful and all for a good cause, these bonbonnieres are the ideal conversation starter for guests. We even have three to choose from, so take your pick and let these adorable faces do the talking.

Head over here for more information on these gorgeous bonbonnieres.

4. Choose engagement party or wedding donations

Looking for a way to dodge Aunty Mel’s “tasteful” china plate present or in fear of receiving yet another microwave from your groom’s sister’s cousin’s mum? Fear not, we have you covered.

Asking for donations instead of gifts is an artful way of avoiding those terrible presents, while simultaneously helping the wonderful animals of RSPCA South Australia get the help they need.

Receiving donations instead of gifts can even get you out of sending those pesky thank you cards, so what’s not to like? Follow the link for a fast-track to good wedding juju and a bad-present-free zone!

5. Have your woofer walk down the aisle too

For those of us that don’t feel right about leaving their puppers out of the festivities, having your hound walk your rings down the aisle is the purr-fect solution.

Although they might be a real threat of stealing your thunder, having your pup’s hand deliver your weddings rings with a cute strut down the aisle is true dog lover’s bliss.

Emily from I Do Paws is the woman to help train your hound to hog the limelight and hand-deliver your rings on the big day. She will even coach your pup in the art of posing for photographs, not lifting a leg on your dress or becoming a distraction during your nuptials. Heck yeah!

6. Include your dog in your wedding photos

It’s almost essential to have your hound included in your wedding photos, if not for anything but the beautiful photo to chuck on your desk at work.

Having your favourite human and hound together on the most exciting day of your life, what more could you want?

There we have it brides and grooms! Our six-step instructional on including your loyal, lovable pup on your big day. There’s no better excuse to whip out your woofer’s fanciest collar and dust off their dancing paws; just make sure you also pay attention to your bride or groom! Dogs sure do have a funny way of capturing the limelight.

Happy wedding season people! PS. Click here for more information about RSPCA South Australia’s awesome wedding bonbonnieres.


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