In memory of Damon Ind, RSPCA South Australia Legal Counsel

July 03, 2019

It is with enormous sadness that we bid a final farewell to our much-loved Legal Counsel Damon Ind.

Our kind-hearted, loveable larrikin prosecutor passed away suddenly on Monday, June 17, after suffering a massive heart attack outside our Stepney headquarters.

Damon’s passing has come as a terrible and unexpected shock to everyone at RSPCA. Our thoughts are very much with his family, especially his two young sons, Harrison and Sammy, and his partner Jess.

To those of us who worked beside Damon, he was more than a colleague. He was a friend, a kind man, a force to be reckoned with – and the ultimate practical joker.

He regularly came to work with his much-loved rescue dog, Scooby, and the pair would do the rounds of our Stepney offices together. Damon loved a chat.

As our sole prosecutor, Damon was a voice for the voiceless, helping secure justice in court for the animals that most needed RSPCA’s help.

Despite dealing daily with our state’s very worst cases of disturbing animal cruelty and tragic neglect, Damon was an immensely positive thinker with a contagious passion for life.

Said our CEO, Paul Stevenson: “Damon had great respect for the law and proper legal process.

“Taking out emotion or feelings, he ensured our decision-making was based on animal welfare considerations – seeking justice for directly impacted animals, and future protections for other animals. In almost two years with RSPCA, Damon gained wide respect for his legal expertise in prosecuting animal cruelty cases.

“But it is his positive manner that will be remembered most of all. He was a people person and his smiling personality will be sorely missed.”

Said our Chief Inspector, Andrea Lewis: “Damon was an animal lover and, like many of us, he struggled to understand how people could be so cruel to animals that they owned and allegedly loved.

“Yet he always played with a straight bat – one of his many expressions derived from the gentleman’s game of cricket.”

Damon shared with several RSPCA staff his ambition to become a magistrate – an area where he felt he could make the most positive impact on his community.

He was a devoted father who loved to watch his two sons play sport and to take them camping and fishing on weekends.

His larrikin nature will be missed across RSPCA and his achievements will be remembered forever.

Today, we’d like to reshare this video of Damon speaking last October at our first Combat Cruelty event in Adelaide. We feel it perfectly sums up Damon’s irreverent personality, huge heart and his unfailing drive to push for positive change in South Australia.

Rest in peace, Damon. You are so very missed and will never be forgotten.

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15 thoughts on “In memory of Damon Ind, RSPCA South Australia Legal Counsel”

  1. Diana Porter-Venn

    What a terrible loss for RSPCA SA and this lovely man’s family. RIP Damon. 😢🐶🐱

  2. paula hibbert

    What a tragic and devastating loss for the RSPCA SA, and Damon’s family. Why do the shining lights in our community get taken too soon. RIP Damon, you will be always remembered and always missed.

  3. Donella Pope

    RIP Damon……….Heavens gain…..Earths loss.

  4. Alison Mitchell

    Why are the GOOD people always taken from us? My thoughts are with your family and the many beautiful animals who, you yourself said, don’t have a voice. The world is a better place because of you. We have SO much more work to do and we, as a community, will continue yours.
    Thank you….RIP

  5. Richard & Stacey Wozniak

    I live in Sydney and was not aware Of Damon Ind and just read of his sudden death via RSPCA.
    I have done some research today on this kind man and have learnt that he was a good kind compassionate and articulate lawyer and a Fighter for Animals…
    If only ALL magistrates could learn from his death what the public expect of them.. to give what the law provides and not to give “slap on the wrist ” penalties for any form of Animal cruelty. Extreme cruelty has not seen any of the penalties available imposed by magistrates ..Only 4 years maximum and $50,000 and nothing remotely close imposed . So the question begs to be asked why not.?. because the magistrates are weak and blind and get fooled by the perpetrators into Pity when their only excuse is ..I have been caught”..
    WHY do they not see that humans who commit these acts on animals are the sort of people that commit harm on humans.. They are just PURE BLOODY COWARDS who attack the weak and magistrates let them get away with it .. WHEN the public .. who they represent.. want the perpetrators to be SEVELY PUNISHED..

    What a great magistrate Damon would have made…
    To his family , my wife and look at Damons eyes ..his face and see ..such a KIND MAN. . We have lost ones close under tragedy and it is painful. but his Legacy must continue and I hope that one day others lawyers will replace Damon in the same spirit .

    I think of Scooby and his loss being just as painful as the family.. as he is of course .. one of the family.

    When my father died suddenly years ago and I was holding his hand.. I felt a message from him through my soul..” My son, turn your tears to strength’..

    Things will be hard for a long time.. Oh what a good lawyer .. Oh,.. WHAT A GOOD MAN You must be so proud.

    Please donate as much as you can to help Animal Welfare….

    Richard and Stacey Wozniak

  6. Margaret Redding

    I am saddened on hearing of the loss of Damon Ind .What a wonderful friend to animals & colleagues alike . May you take comfort in the knowledge that he was an exceptional advocate for our furry friends & his legacy will live on .
    People who mistreat animals are gutless cowards & I commend RSPCA a for the work they do .
    GOD a bless you all .

  7. Sue

    So terribly sorry to hear of this fine man’s death. Sincere condolences to his family and friends, and the lovely RSPCA people who worked with him. The animals have lost a strong advocate.

  8. Marigold Hayler

    I agree with Damon’s comments and Margaret Redding’s sentiments. Hopefully, courts will start handing out appropriate penalties for cruelty.

  9. marigold hayler

    His work was wonderful and hopefully, the laws will be changed to that cruelty to animals are punished more strongly.

  10. marigold hayler

    ….oops, I thought my first comment didn’t get through and left another one, sorry about that, Mara Hayler

  11. yvonne petty

    yes this is too sad. Did he have regular check ups with a Dr. If not that is even more sad; this sudden heart attack could have been prevented. He had too much legal work looking out for the animals. Not enough time for his own health. All those who neglect animals, I hope your conscience make
    you think, their are consequences for everything; This is one of them; the cruelty and neglect of animals.
    :note to those people who neglect animals, or cruel to the are part responsible for his passing.:

  12. Leonie Lloyd-Smith

    Absolutely devastating for Damon’s family, his colleagues, the RSPCA and the animals he fought so hard for. What an incredible advocate for animals. Vale

  13. Anna

    so sad for his loss from Anna

  14. Phil Rider

    Hi….Please forgive my rudeness but I am trying to contact Richard Wozniak. If you see this email Richard could you please contact me.
    Phil Rider

  15. Phil Rider

    I am from the UK and noticed that a Richard Wozniak commented on the sad death, last year, of Damon Ind. I have been looking for a Richard Wozniak, that emigrated to Australia, from the UK over 40 years ago. If you get this message Richard could you please email me…. thanks Phil Rider

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