A peaceful refuge for the final days of Buttons, the deaf rabbit

August 06, 2020

Poor Buttons had a host of health problems when she was surrendered to our care in April 2019.

With complex teeth issues, the beautifully sweet six-year-old had trouble eating and required dental surgery.

But our vets would later discover that dental issues weren’t all Buttons was battling – and the lop eared rabbit would need someone with a heart big enough to care for her for the time she had left, however long that may be.

Buttons passed away just six months after dedicated foster carer Bianca welcomed her into her home.

In tribute to the brave bun’s memory, and the love she shared with Bianca, this is Buttons’ story.

After having a molar tooth removed, Buttons is closely monitored in foster care – but something isn’t quite right

At first, Buttons went into foster with experienced carer Bianca so her remaining teeth could be monitored.

As one molar had already been removed, our vets weren’t sure how well Buttons would respond to medication and couldn’t rule out the need for further tooth removal.

But after spending several weeks with Buttons, Bianca discovered that Buttons’ teeth weren’t the darling rabbit’s only issue.

“When I vacuumed the house, all my other animals would run to a couch, or a safe space. But Buttons would just continue to nap, completely unfazed. I would have to vacuum around her!” Bianca shares.

Turns out, Buttons was also completely deaf – but that sure didn’t mean she had any less love to give.

‘I’ve never known a rabbit to want to be picked up and held more than her’

During the first several weeks Bianca fostered Buttons, she tells us she and her husband fell in love.

“We just loved how relaxed and sweet she was,” Bianca says.

Despite having five rabbits and having fostered so many more, Bianca tells us that Buttons was one of the most affectionate rabbits she’d ever met.

“I’ve never known a rabbit to want to be picked up and held more than Buttons,” she shares.

Having also spent nearly four years volunteering with RSPCA in pocket pets, Bianca has met a lot of rabbits – so Buttons certainly must have been special.

In addition to being super affectionate, Bianca says that Buttons was also very playful.

“She had this habit of running in circles when she saw food coming.” Naww.

After four loving months in foster care with Bianca, Buttons was ready to have her teeth checked again and be desexed.

But our vets discovered that Buttons’ teeth had started zigzagging down the back of her mouth, which would cause her a great deal of pain as the years went on.

Sadly, that wasn’t all.

Buttons also had multiple cancerous tumours growing on her uterus.

Our vets did what they could for Buttons. Dr Julie Hearn tended closely to Buttons’ dental issues, and once Buttons went in for desexing, Dr Justin Welsh worked hard to carefully remove each of her tumours.

“The vet team were just so amazing,” Bianca comments.

“They could have given up on Buttons so many times, but they didn’t.”

Buttons had already made such a mark on Bianca’s heart, and she was determined to give this rabbit a loving home for whatever time she had left.

Buttons’ remaining days are spent playing with her fur friends and getting ‘as many cuddles as possible’

Once Bianca had officially adopted Buttons into her family, it just meant the brave bun had even more time to do the things she loved with Bianca and her family.

“Buttons loved my dog, Mitzi, and she loved making her hyper,” Bianca shares.

“Buttons would always run through Mitzi’s legs – but she was only interested in my two cats when she thought they would groom her!”

It seems Buttons loved the company of everyone, no matter the species.

She also enjoyed roaming the house with fellow RSPCA foster fail rabbits Gandalf and Ginny – although these two didn’t seem to enjoy cuddles, and humans, quite as much as little Buttons did.

“She spent her time getting as many cuddles as possible and would sit on your lap all day – she just loved them,” Bianca tells us.

A junior primary teacher, Bianca even brought Buttons into school with her one day and had Buttons “listen” to the students read.

“I may have ‘forgotten’ to tell my class Buttons was deaf,” Bianca laughs.

“But the students tried really hard to be quiet for Buttons all day, and she got even my most reluctant reader to read to her.”

Now that is one special rabbit.

‘She fought through so much to be with us – we miss her a lot’

After several weeks as an official part of Bianca’s family, Buttons’ health very sadly took a turn for the worse – and the bun came down with a severe case of pneumonia.

“She recovered so well from the cancer, but unfortunately the pneumonia was just too much for her,” Bianca tells us.

Buttons had spent six beautiful months in Bianca’s loving home when her health so rapidly deteriorated, and she had to be put to sleep.

“She fought through so much to be with us,” Bianca shares.

“Despite not having her for long, Buttons certainly made herself a place in all our hearts and we miss her a lot.”

We’re so touched that Bianca shared her story with us, and opened her heart and home to care for Buttons and all her special needs.

It’s only thanks to compassionate volunteers and foster carers like Bianca that animals like Buttons have a chance to live the rest of their lives with the dignity they deserve.

Rest in peace, Buttons.

We’re so thankful that Bianca filled Buttons’ remaining days with such love and care. If you’re interested in providing a temporary foster home to some of our most in-need animals, head over here to learn about becoming a foster carer.

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