5 reasons why your dog should be a social butterfly

November 22, 2019

Have you been wishing your dog could accompany you on all your social outings?

With an ever-growing list of places in South Australia where both you and your furry friend are welcome, here are some great reasons to take your pooch out and about (as if you needed them!).

1. Fun for you – and your dog too!

The simplest way to keep your dog happy and active is to take them out to explore new places to socialise with others.

South Australia has an increasing variety of pet-friendly cafes, stores and events where both you and your dog can grab a bite to eat and socialise with both people and other animals.

The PetStop app by RSPCA South Australia is the easiest way to find and keep track of pet-friendly venues for you and your pooch to enjoy.

2. A chance to stay fit and active

While dog-friendly cafes are always a nice treat, there’s no replacing a trip to your local dog park for a well-needed dose of exercise and play.

Dog parks are a great opportunity to burn off excess energy and interact with a variety of dogs while keeping your pup happy and healthy.

3. Keep their behaviour on the right track

If you’re finding your furry friend hard to handle, they may be feeling cooped up.

Taking your pooch out at least once a day helps them to stay on their best behaviour, keeping boredom and frustration at bay.

Spending time with other socialised dogs can also give opportunities for your dog to learn by example in a safe environment.

4. Get in early to set them up for life

The best time to introduce your dog to others is while they’re still a puppy, ideally when they are 3-17 weeks of age.

You can enrol your pup in puppy preschool to give them plenty of opportunities to socialise and learn how to safely interact with other dogs.

5. Strengthen your bonds

While socialising is a great bonding activity for you and your new furry partner in crime, particularly for an adopted rescue or older animal, it may take some time before they’re ready to safely socialise with other people or animals.

Have some patience and stay in control by slowly introducing your dog to new people, places and animals, using positive reinforcement to gain their trust and let them know they’re doing well.

If you’re looking for ideas of where to take your pet across our great state, RSPCA South Australia’s PetStop app features SA’s best pet-friendly venues and locations. If you’re a pet-friendly venue, you can sign up for our app for free! To get all the latest news, follow us on Instagram @rspcapetstop – and tag #rspcapetstop for your chance to be featured.

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2 thoughts on “5 reasons why your dog should be a social butterfly”

  1. janet

    i’m looking for a dog, or pup, if it’s a dog it has to be cat friendly. as i have a 16 year old cat. who is used to living with dogs. in fact she was my last dogs role model. anyway i don’t want to go to a shelter because then i will feel bad not taking them all
    so if you have some dogs or young pups can you let me know please?

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