Adopting on the small side: The positives of a pocket pal!

August 18, 2017

It’s always raining cats and dogs for adoption at RSPCA but at times, some of our smaller pals are left wanting for love. It’s true, cats and dogs are the most commonly chosen pets to join a family but the animal world has all sorts of shapes and sizes, colours and critters to offer.

From beautiful birds and merry mice to rowdy rabbits and greedy guinea pigs, these little guys will give you love, cuddles and a huge character –  in a smaller bundle!

While it is important to remember that these animals may require different needs to live comfortably, they may just be a perfect addition for your home.

Guinea pigs and mice make great companions and are a good start to teaching your children how to care for and attend to an animal. If given suitable and secure housing, a healthy diet and adequate exercise (a mouse wheel or large enough cage will do it) they would be a wonderful addition to a family short on time, or who prefers to spend their extra-curricular activities inside.

Chickens are often clucky for love too and make a wonderful addition to your backyard. Plus breakfast is sorted with eggs! All they need is a clean and cosy coop, where they will be well protected from the weather or any uninvited guests! They also can be a fine friend for an adult or little one alike! 

Another familiar friend to consider as the right one for you is a rabbit! They do require extra attention for their care, nutrition and cleaning but you’ll soon forgive them when they’re happily hopping around. Rabbits can be little love bugs who love a cuddle or a playful pocket friend.

There are many more small animals who need loving homes just like other guests who come and go at the RSPCA but remember, if you’d like to adopt, make sure to do your research and plan ahead.

Our furry friends can’t tell you what they need so be sure to prepare your home and family for a new member to settle in as comfortably as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Adopting on the small side: The positives of a pocket pal!”

  1. Erzsebet Bodzsar

    I have been thinking of getting some chooks and a goat in my backyard. I have a big backyard too, big enough for a goat. I know I need a chook house, I haven’t organised it yet. Am I allowed to have a goat in my backyard in a residential council area?

    1. Hi there, your best bet would be to contact your local council, as they’ll be able to give you full details of local laws. Thanks!

  2. Vicki Williamson

    Hi have made a chicken yard and looking for chickens don’t care how old as just whant as pets live in Morphett Vale

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