Meet 3 RSPCA rescues who found forever homes after many long months of waiting

July 28, 2019

One of the biggest myths perpetuated about our work here at RSPCA South Australia is that animals in our shelter have time limits – this is simply not true!

The fact is we simply do not euthanase any healthy, rehomeable animals to make space in our shelters.

Instead, our caring animal care staff and veterinarians always look after animals for as long as it takes to find their forever homes – in some cases, this can take years, but we don’t give up.

Let’s take a look at just three of the hundreds of fur-babies who found their fur-ever homes in 2018 – all three were in foster care or at our Lonsdale shelter for six months or longer.

BooBoo the pup, adopted after 1,288 days in care

BooBoo and April

At nine months old, this shy little pup was found walking the streets by a member of the public. His owners were never found – due to out of date microchip details. (As you can see, it’s crucial to keep your pet’s microchip details current. Learn how via our complete guide here.)

After coming into our Lonsdale shelter in August 2014, BooBoo was examined by our expert vets.

They soon realised he had a dislocated knee and would need specialist treatment. The aftermath of this surgery meant this little guy would take some time to recover.

So Cassandra, one of our lovely staff members, offered to foster BooBoo – something she’s been helping RSPCA South Australia with for the past 15 years (what an absolute legend!).

Cassandra fostered BooBoo until he recovered from his surgery – something that took three years.

BooBoo’s health finally became strong enough at the start of 2018, meaning he was ready for adoption … and Cassandra was first in line!

“It would have absolutely broke my heart to adopt him out after spending the past four years with him. So I thought now was my chance to adopt him,” she told us.

BooBoo now spends his days with his companion, April the border collie-cross – also an RSPCA rescue. Incredibly, April is actually deaf, so BooBoo acts as her hearing dog and guides her around the house.

“BooBoo is such a social butterfly – especially at the dog park. He loves humans as much as other dogs,” Cassandra says.

Sounds like finding the perfect home was worth the long wait – 3.5 years, to be exact! – for little BooBoo.

Nara the horse, adopted after 420 days in care

Nara the horse adopted after 420 days in care

Eighteen-year-old Nara was surrendered to our Lonsdale shelter in a very malnourished state, with a young foal by her side.

This golden oldie had a lot of loving to give, but Nara spent 420 days waiting before her now owner, Jacqui, came along.

“As soon as I met Nara, I knew we would instantly bond,” Jacqui says.

Nara now spends her days at a Goolwa property, where she enjoys eating, and hanging around the other mares – that is until they give attention to Jacqui.

“She will prick her ears up as soon as she sees another mare trying to interact with me,” laughs Jacqui.

“Nara began her life with me as such a shy girl, but she has now blossomed into a confident lady. I especially love the way she comes to me when I call her name.”

Jacqui’s one regret?

“I just wish I could have adopted this beautiful lady sooner.”

Zoe the cat, adopted after 241 days in care

Zoe the cat adopted after 241 days in care

Surrendered to our Whyalla shelter, Zoe was transferred to Lonsdale for specialist treatment on her infected ears and eyes.

With expensive treatment a must for Zoe, we launched an online emergency appeal to help cover the hefty costs.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, who donated to help save this gorgeous cat, Zoe not only made a full recovery – she found her fur-ever home too!

After donating to Zoe online, one of our wonderful volunteers Marg just knew she had to adopt this little lady.

“I called the RSPCA reception straight away. I knew I would be taking her home,” Marg says.

Zoe came home with Marg that day on a trial – to see whether both parties were happy with one another.

“After two hours of checking us out and the house, she approved of us. Thank goodness!” Marg laughs.

Now at the age of 10, this little lady loves to hide in her plastic tunnel, chase table tennis balls, and toss her knitted mouse around the house.

“She has been a blessing coming into our lives after the death of our last cat four years ago,” says Marg.

“One of my favourite things about Zoe is the way she shares her time equally between my husband and I, by taking turns sitting on our laps.”

We’re so happy these three fur-babies found such loving fur-ever homes, especially after so many long weeks of waiting. You, too, can change the life of a rescue animal just like BooBoo, Nara and Zoe – head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.


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2 thoughts on “Meet 3 RSPCA rescues who found forever homes after many long months of waiting”

  1. Sonia Ackhurst

    Wonderful organisation – wonderful people
    What would we do without you – bless you

  2. Sonia Ackhurst

    Wonderful organisation – wonderful people
    What would we do without you – bless you
    A big thank you to the carers, too. I wish I was
    in the position to help

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