Why adopting an adult cat might be the best thing you ever do

July 09, 2021

Anyone who has spent any time around a cat will know they are beautiful animals. Like dogs, cats develop their unique purr-sonalities as they grow up, and by the time they’ve matured, they can be friendly, affectionate, intelligent and well-rounded companions. 

Adult cats are often overlooked for adoption at animal shelters, with people opting instead for kittens. Most people want to adopt the cutest animal they can find, and they choose a kitten without considering the difficulties that come with raising a kitten, and on the other hand, the amazing benefits of adopting an adult cat.

Unfortunately, this results in many cats spending some of their best years living in an animal shelter. While this life may be a safe one, it also means they miss out on a home to call their own and the love, comfort and contentment that comes with being part of a family. 

To help our stunning feline friends find their furever homes, we’ve put together a list of 8 reasons that adopting an adult cat might be the best thing you ever do. 

Cat smiling

1. A fully developed purr-sonality

Like us, cats don’t fully develop their personalities until they have matured. Because of this, shelter staff will be able to give you a full rundown of the animal you’re planning on bringing home, ensuring you’ll be fully prepared to properly care for your new kitty. 

Keep in mind that your cat’s personality might not fully shine through until they have settled into their new home. This is largely due to the stress and fear associated with being in a strange new place. 

Don’t worry though, this will subside as they get used to their new life. Just give them space and let them come to you – it will all be worth it in the end. 

Cats snuggling

2. Toilet training? Not in this house

If you’ve ever dealt with the process of toilet training a puppy or kitten, you’ll be aware of how exhausting it can be. It requires constant vigilance, a regular supply of paper towels, and the patience of a saint. 

One of the best things about mature cats is that they’re already trained to use the kitty litter! You won’t have to worry about them having any accidents – all you need to do is put the litter in an easily accessible spot and make sure they know where it is. They’ll do the rest!

Cat confused

3. We know how they act in certain situations

Many animals learn how to properly socialise with each other and us during their formative years. Depending on the cat, this socialisation may or may have occurred. Due to this, it can often be the case that adult cats might not like other cats, children, or even certain adults. 

Because we’ve had the opportunity to interact with them, we can let you know exactly how a cat might act in your home. For example, some cats might not like being around children. That’s something that our staff will be able to advise you about before you adopt an adult cat.

In saying that, some cats are a little unpredictable. Sometimes they can be shy and timid at the shelter, but once they find a loving home they may develop a whole new, outgoing personality after they’ve settled in!

4. Your current pets will appreciate it

Introducing a kitten to a household that already has a cat or dog can be a chaotic nightmare. Kittens are little balls of energy that don’t understand right from wrong, and this can be tough for any pets you currently own.

Adopting a calm, mature cat that will quietly settle into your home without bothering your other animals too much will result in a more harmonious living situation for all animals concerned. It’ll also be less stressful for you!

Keep in mind though that, like people, cats take time to adjust to new situations. It’s important that you give them time to get to know any other pets in the home so they can become best friends, or simply learn to tolerate each other. 

Cat and dog snuggling

5. Adult cats are low maintenance

Some people aren’t aware of this, but adult cats are one of the lowest maintenance common household pets you can get. They’re mellow, sleepy and independent, meaning you can leave them alone while you go to work and they won’t get up to mischief. In fact, they might not even know you’re gone! 

Don’t mistake independence for disinterest though, as many cats will happily cuddle up to you on the couch and watch a movie. They still need attention, they just don’t need you around all the time. 

This is entirely different to a kitten. Younger, less mature cats can quickly become bored if they don’t have enough mental stimulation, which can result in destructive behaviours. 

6. Adult cats are the purrfect companions

Whether you’re looking for a napping buddy, someone to watch a movie with, or someone to listen to you talk about your day, an older cat is the perfect companion.

They’re low-energy, affectionate and they’re more than happy to relax in your company. If that isn’t best friend material, we don’t know what is! Despite this, it’s important to remember…

Cat in scracthing post

7. They still love to play

Despite being lower energy, adult cats still have that playful streak that makes kittens so adorable. They still need enrichment to keep them entertained, so you’ll still be able to play with them if they’re feeling adventurous. 

It’s important to provide them with toys, scratching posts and elevated cat posts they can jump on and hide in. This will keep them happy, purring and content every minute of the day, which will help them to be the best com-purr-nion they can be. 

Some cats might also enjoy the occasional outdoor outing. This can include an outdoor cat run, or you could even train them to walk on a lead and take them for a walk so they can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Cat playing

8. Your cat will be truly grateful

We mentioned it earlier, but we’ll say it again: adult cats are often overlooked for adoption in favour of younger, cuter kittens. Due to this, many adult cats spend years waiting to be adopted, never experiencing what it’s like to be truly loved by a family of their own. 

Providing a safe, warm and comfortable home for an adult cat won’t just give you a lifelong best friend; it will also mean you’re changing that cat’s life. 

Make no mistake: cats are wise creatures. They understand when they’ve been rescued and given a second chance, and they are all the more thankful for it. 

If you open your heart and your home to an adult cat, it will repay your love ten-fold, giving you a friend and a soulmate for life. Take a look at some of the cats currently waiting to meet you. Who knows? It might be love at first sight.


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