Shhhh … shut up and save animals

September 01, 2017

A challenge has been issued to the people of South Australia: stay silent.

While RSPCA South Australia normally encourages people to speak up for animals in need, in this brand new campaign we’re asking people to do the opposite: put yourself in their shoes and challenge yourself to be silent.

During Silent September every minute of silence is worth $1, so the longer you’re silent, the more you’ll raise for animals in need. All you need to do is ask your friends, family and workmates to buy your silence. If you’re a big talker you might raise more than you expect! RSPCA South Australia Digital Campaigns Officer, Sophia Hynes-Bishop, says that the campaign is about trying something new and fun, while raising much needed funds.

“Animals can’t ask for help when they’re being neglected, and they can’t tell you when they’re hurting, so this September, put yourself in their shoes and challenge yourself to be silent,” she said.

“Last year, we cared for 9,881 sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals. Animals who have nowhere else to turn, and no voice of their own to ask for help. “These animals often need costly vet care, surgery, rehabilitation and TLC to get them back on their paws. When you sign up for Silent September, and help us raise our target of $62,500, you are saving lives. It’s a simple as that.”

Silent September is officially on September 22nd however people taking the challenge can choose to do so anytime throughout September.

“We’ve already seen people suggesting to talkative colleagues and friends that they’d pay to stop them talking – all in good fun, and all for a great cause,” Ms Hynes-Bishop said.

Visit and sign up today!

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