RSPCA SA’s first major retail outlet to open this Saturday

February 15, 2019

Furry, feathered and even scaled family members are invited to take centre stage at tomorrow’s grand opening of RSPCA South Australia’s first major retail outlet.

Designed to appeal as much to animals as their owners, the new RSPCA PetVille store (located at 345 North-East Rd, Hillcrest) is among several commercial ventures the Society has initiated to grow funding for its animal welfare programmes.

In a price sensitive market, PetVille will stay competitive with other pet supplies retailers. However, every dollar customers spend at RSPCA PetVille will go towards the Society’s care of mistreated, sick, injured and abandoned animals in South Australia. (Last financial year RSPCA South Australia cared for almost 9000 animals in need.)

Apart from a huge range of quality pet-care products, RSPCA PetVille offers grooming services for all animals, and fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and vet-checked cats and kittens for adoption. Additionally, a cat boarding facility designed using RSPCA’s extensive knowledge of cat behaviour and best practice care will set a new benchmark in Adelaide for cat boarding standards.

RSPCA Petville to launch

RSPCA South Australia CEO Paul Stevenson said pet owners are welcome to share the retail experience with their animals.

“We chose a site with a massive floor-space to play with because our goal has always been to create a spacious atmosphere that both humans and animals can enjoy.

“We encourage pet owners to bring their animals in so they can enjoy the stimulation of an outing and also trial our toys and sniff out new and tasty treats.

“All of PetVille’s products and services are geared towards keeping animals healthy and happy, so why not let your animal choose what he or she wants?”

The RSPCA PetVille brand and marketing concept is the brainchild of leading Adelaide creative agencies and individuals – brand agency WOW! Creative, Peter Withy of Peter Withy Unplugged and Gill Phillips of Southern Light Media. Peter Withy, who together with Gill Phillips provided professional services pro bono, described the creation of the new businesses as “a bold and very timely offering from one of South Australia’s most trusted brands”.

RSPCA South Australia’s recently commenced dog training classes, promoting kind and effective force-free training methods, also come under the new RSPCA PetVille brand. Puppy classes begin at the Hillcrest store on Tuesday February 19.

The latest dog behavioural science and RSPCA expertise informed the design of a second RSPCA PetVille outlet, due to open within six months. Located in Stepney, it will house a dog day-care facility with highly trained staff focussed on ensuring their canine charges leave happy and calm at the end of each day.

Tomorrow’s opening at Hillcrest will feature in-store giveaways, hourly specials, children’s activities including face painting and a jumpy castle, humane-choice foods and freshly brewed coffee.

“We hope the South Australian community gets behind RSPCA PetVille because it’s an easy way to support our animal care and rescue work,” Mr Stevenson said, adding that customers can join in a celebratory champagne toast to PetVille’s future success at 3pm on Saturday.

RSPCA PetVille Hillcrest is open seven days a week. Visit

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