Adelaide’s pet-friendly venues embrace new app

December 19, 2019

Animal lovers who like sharing their social lives with their pets now have a free app to download that features all the best pet-friendly venues in South Australia. From cafes and restaurants to pubs and wineries, PetStop by RSPCA will give the lowdown on where to go if you want your pooch to come too.

The new App will be officially launched beachside this Sunday, December 22 from 10am till 1pm in Henley Beach square – a popular location for dog-lovers.

PetStop - Alpha Box & Dice

RSPCA South Australia’s Marketing Manager Sophia Hynes-Bishop, who developed the concept last year, believes the new App will make it easy to plan outings that include your pet.

“Here at RSPCA, we encourage people to give their pets enriched, interesting lives, and one way to do that is to include them in your social life,” Ms Hynes-Bishop said.

“But knowing where you can take your dog has been a problem for some people.

“We’ve had lots of dog owners contact us over recent years, seeking information about places that are dog friendly – the need for something like PetStop for South Australia’s dog loving community was obvious.” According to Ms Hynes-Bishop, the new App is perfect for the growing number of pet owners who view their animals as loved members of their families.

“There’s no doubt that there’s an increasing trend around the world to include our pets in daily activities, whether that be taking them on holidays, taking them to work or taking them with us when we stop for a coffee or meal,” Ms Hynes-Bishop said.

“Australia lags behind other countries when it comes to taking our pets with us when we go out.

“Countries like France, the USA, Germany and Italy are far more relaxed about allowing pets to go places with their owners, including shopping and on public transport.”

A recent list of the most dog-friendly cities in the world put Seattle at number one, followed by Geneva, Portland and Rome ( Ms Hynes-Bishop hopes that PetStop’s anticipated success will see Adelaide make the list soon.

“Previously our Pets in the Pubs events have been hugely popular.

“Now, with PetStop, all pet-friendly venues including pubs and wineries can be easily located with just a few taps on your phone – we’re expecting to see a lot more dogs out and about, enjoying time with their owners, because of this App.”

Acknowledging that not all dogs are temperamentally suited to visiting pet-friendly venues, RSPCA South Australia has guidelines for both venues and dog owners to help ensure the presence of dogs at venues is a positive experience for all. These guidelines are provided upon registration with PetStop.

To register a pet-friendly venue on PetStop, or download the app once it’s live:

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