Public urged to keep lookout for fox with illegal steel-jaw trap attached to leg

July 13, 2020

RSPCA South Australia is asking people in the Balhannah area to be on the lookout for an adult fox that has a steel-jaw trap locked on to one of its hind legs. A woman walking her dog on Friday morning saw the injured animal dragging the trap near the corner of Woodcock Rd and Greenhill Rd, in Balhannah. The location is directly opposite the Bonney’s Flat Cemetery.

Despite its injury, the fox fled into an olive grove with the trap still attached. A search of the area by RSPCA South Australia rescue officers has so far failed to find the animal. Rescue Team Leader Nalika van Loenen said there is no doubt the fox is seriously injured and – if still alive – likely to be in extreme pain.

“We urge people to please keep an eye out for this animal, and to immediately contact us if they sight it,” Ms van Loenen said.

“These steel-jaw traps cause extreme injury, pain and suffering to animals, and ongoing infection.

“They are incredibly inhumane and they are also illegal in South Australia, and people setting them have been charged for breaching our State’s animal welfare laws.”*

Apart from contacting RSPCA SA, anyone who sees the fox should not approach it but – if possible – keep a watch on it until a rescuer officer arrives.

*Anyone caught setting a steel-jaw trap faces immediate fines and a maximum penalty of $2,500. If an animal is caught in the trap, they could face charges for intentionally causing harm to an animal under the Animal Welfare Act, which has maximum penalties of $20,000 or imprisonment for 2 years.

Anyone with information is urged to contact RSPCA on:

1300 4 777 22

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