Could your pupper be crowned Adelaide’s official Christmas Dog?

November 14, 2017

Here at RSPCA South Australia, we believe in the power of pooch to bring unending joy. So, too, do most of you! So this festive season we encourage you to snap a picture of your doggo in merry surroundings, then post it on ABC’s Facebook event page – with a 100 word brag-fest about why your dog is so extraordinary.

Why? For the first time ever, our fellow animal lovers at ABC Radio Adelaide are running a competition to crown Adelaide’s official Christmas Dog of 2017 (with a little help from us, of course)!

For those of you who wish to remain Facebook free, email your entry to with your doggy description, phone number and name. November 19 is the cut-off, so don’t disappoint your fur child by forgetting the deadline.

Hot tip – we’re especially partial to a good rescue story, funny habits and a cute photo or three!

Christmas dog Molly (photo shot by Cassie Beattie via Facebook)
Adorable Molly, contender for Christmas Dog of 2017 (photo by Cassie Beattie via Facebook).


What your woofer could win

Drumroll please. In the spirit of Christmas, the overall winner will receive a Pooch Pamper Hamper full of grooming vouchers, a VIP (very important pup) photoshoot with all of the trimmings, as well as a Deluxe Doggy Bag with treats and toys to occupy your fluffer for months to come.

That’s not to mention the official title of ABC Christmas Dog of Adelaide. If there’s something we love more than animals here at RSPCA South Australia, it’s an official title.

On top of this generous prize pool, your dog could be named as one of ABC’s 12 Dogs of Christmas. A dog a day will be revealed from November 27, with a spiffy grand finale party to be held on Friday, December 8 to announce the major winner.

Head down to the event at Henley Square to watch live radio broadcasts with ABC’s Ali Clarke from 6 am to 9 am and David Bevan from 8.30 am to 11 am.

Christmas dog Bruce (photo by Michelle Grootenboer via Facebook)
Christmas Dog of 2017 contender Bruce with his best friend Jonah (photo by Michelle Grootenboer via Facebook).


A few tips and tricks on keeping your doggo happy in costume

If you’re a stage mum extraordinaire, love to dress your dog up in elaborate get-ups or have paparazzi tendencies, there are a few things to consider to make sure your pupper has as much fun as you.

First up, ensure your dog’s legs, ears, eyes and mouth are not covered or restricted while in costume. It’s important your dog can communicate whether it’s comfortable or not in that tasteful elf outfit. For more information on stress signals, check out this link.

Remember that dogs have a harder time than us regulating their core temperature, so if the thermostat reads anything over 30 degrees, it’s a great idea to keep the costumes off. If your doggy has pale gums, is drooling or panting heavily, chances are they are overheating. Take it off!

And don’t let the pursuit of a photo get in the way of looking after your pet’s needs. Yelling or provoking your canine for a reaction is distressing for any animal. Look out for behavioural response signs such as excessive frowning, licking lips, flattening their ears, cowering, growling or showing the whites of their eyes. Pack your camera away and give your pup some much needed space if they display any of the above behaviours.

Misty (photo by Misty Nitschke via Facebook)
Gorgeous Misty, contender for Christmas Dog of 2017 (photo by Misty Nitschke via Facebook).


What are your waiting for? Head on over to the Facebook event and upload your photo right away. Entries close November 19, so get cracking.

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