A new home for an old dog: Brutis gets the love he deserves

March 11, 2021

It isn’t always easy for the older animals at Lonsdale to find their forever homes. Many sit and watch as younger cats and dogs are whisked off to their new families while they patiently wait on. 

Poor Brutis had been eagerly waiting to find his new family since before Christmas.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier – cross spent most of his days at the shelter resting on Animal Operations Manager Tim Charles’ office floor. 

Poor Brutis had to wait

Tim had grown close to the old pooch, who he fondly referred to as an ‘easy-going softie.’ 

“Brutis is one of those dogs who is incredibly undemanding,” said Tim.

 “He just wants to be with you and, being an older dog, he’s happy lying in his bed at your feet or having a short stroll and a sniff rather than a long walk each day.”

While he loved the company of humans, Brutis was not a fan of other animals. This was making it increasingly difficult to find him his forever home.

Along came Caroline

Caroline wasn’t sure if she was ready to adopt again. She had recently lost Charles (a fospice dog in her care) to cancer. 

“I was upset and thought it would be best if I waited for a little while before looking at caring for another dog,” explained Caroline.

“It’s funny because Brutis was already in the back of my mind. I had seen his picture online but wasn’t able to adopt him at the time.

“I missed seeing a face at the window when I came home and decided to check the website again. Truth and behold, there was Brutis again.”

 Love at first sight

Caroline decided to pay a visit to Lonsdale, and within seconds of meeting Brutis she asked the staff to get her the adoption papers.

“I never set out to adopt an older dog, but somewhere along the way it just clicked,” she said.

“He’s a good boy, he wets the bed, he is deaf and blind and his crop-dusting (flatulence) is outrageous, but he can’t help it – he’s 14. Those things don’t matter, he’s just the best.

“I don’t think of him as being elderly or sick when I’m home; he’s just my dog.”

A friend to share a meal with

Caroline’s previous experience with Charles made her a perfect candidate, she had already upgraded her backyard to be old-dog friendly and there were plenty of places for Brutis to lounge around. 

“He was a little nervous at first, he didn’t know where to sit and was doing plenty of laps around the house. Now he seems to be more at home and likes resting on my big bed,” she said.

“He is such a sweet dog and loves cuddles and is always up for some affection. I love spoiling him, giving him pats and sharing some spaghetti with my new friend.”

You don’t realise how much you can make a difference

When it comes to looking after older dogs, there is a special place in Caroline’s heart.

She would love to see more people put their hands up to help with fospice as well as think about adopting older pets, many of which are in good health despite their advancing years. 

“You can tell they really appreciate it, but really they deserve all the love they can get,” she said.

“There are perks to having an older dog as well. They are already toilet trained, they are way more chilled out and they know how to go for walks.” 

If you are thinking about adopting your own furry bestie like Brutis, head to our adoption website for more information.

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