Unusual herd of guests at RSPCA’s Lonsdale shelter

March 27, 2018

A more unusual group of residents at RSPCA’s Lonsdale shelter are now looking to ‘alpaca’ their bags for new forever homes.

Nineteen alpacas and llamas that currently reside at RSPCA South Australia are up for adoption, looking for homes at rural and semi-rural properties, or hobby farms. They range in ages from under a year old to mature adult.

“Alpacas and llamas are herd animals, so ideally we’d be looking to rehome them in pairs or small groups, or go to properties with sheep or other alpacas,” said Kate Holmes, Media Officer at RSPCA South Australia.

“It’s quite rare to have alpacas and llamas at the shelter, let alone nineteen. They’re full of personality and staff have definitely enjoyed having them around and feeding them a treat of a carrot or two,” she said.

Anyone interested in adopting an alpaca or llama from RSPCA South Australia should visit www.rspcasa.org.au/livestock and fill out an application form. RSPCA will undertake a property inspection prior to adoption for successful applicants.

The alpacas were taken into RSPCA’s care in December as part of an ongoing animal welfare investigation and are now ready for adoption.

Prior to December, RSPCA South Australia had only had the odd alpaca resident, with just 4 in care since 2014.

Alpacas require similar fencing to sheep, preferably without barbed wire and shade in each paddock. Alpacas should be pasture fed and supplemented with good quality hay and/or various grains, and access to plenty of fresh water. They require shearing, foot care and teeth examinations approximately once a year.

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