Almost 200 animals in new homes last night

February 22, 2020

Two more days to go in nationwide quest to find animals in need loving homes – all available for “drastically discounted” $29 animal adoption fee

The South Australian community has heeded a call from the RSPCA to give animals in need a home, with 82 more animals adopted by the end of the first day than last year.

Kicked off nationwide yesterday, RSPCA’s Clear the Shelter campaign saw 196 animals in RSPCA South Australia’s care adopted across the State by the time locations closed. (Last year, 114 animals in SA had been adopted by the end of the first day.)

RSPCA’s shelter at Whyalla ran out of animals at 3pm. RSPCA Whyalla’s shelter operations manager Jodi Fraterman reported six kittens, three puppies and three cats had all won hearts and found homes.

“The smiles on the faces of those adopting and the now empty enclosures are a joy to see,” Ms Fraterman said.

According to RSPCA South Australia’s Head of Animal Operations, Tim Charles, people queued in their cars along Meyer Road waiting for the Lonsdale shelter to open.

“Many people had their hearts set on particular animals they had seen on our website,” Mr Charles said.

“We had several dogs with specific needs and our dog-care team spent considerable time talking with people who were keen to adopt a dog to ensure they were able to accommodate those needs.”

All 17 dogs and puppies available yesterday went to new homes, but another 17 dogs and 2 puppies are available for adoption from Lonsdale today.

While 73 kittens were adopted from the Lonsdale shelter yesterday, more than 50 older cats are still waiting for someone special to recognise the advantage of a more mature feline companion.

One adult cat who did tug someone’s heartstrings hard enough was Peggy, who RSPCA South Australia rescue officer Brigitte Pitman took into care last week. Peggy was found abandoned in a vacant house and trapped inside a birdcage with no food or water.

She is now home with new owner Beverley, whose 17-year-old cocker spaniel Leroy died three weeks ago.

“I had Leroy from when he was a puppy and didn’t think it was fair on him to get a young cat who would upset his routines,” Beverley said.

“When he died, the house was cleaner but too quiet, so I knew it was time to get a cat.”


Recalling her first meeting with Peggy yesterday, Beverley said the cat’s affectionate nature won her over.

“Cats pick you, you can’t pick them,” Beverly said, adding that she and Peggy had enjoyed their first night together.

“She’s very snuggly – a truly beautiful animal inside and out.

“It’s the best $29 I’ve ever spent.”

A total of 216 animals in RSPCA’s South Australia’s care still need new homes this weekend. Apart from cats and dogs, there are five guinea pigs.

All dogs and cats available to adopt from RSPCA are microchipped, desexed and fully vaccinated, and all animals are vet checked.

Although the RSPCA has drastically reduced usual adoption fees during the three-day campaign, normal adoption procedures apply to help staff match animals with the right families. This includes behavioural assessments and one-on-ones with prospective adoptive parents and future fur-siblings.

RSPCA South Australia staff are on-hand to provide practical advice about the animal’s temperament and care needs, and follow-up advice after adoption if needed.

Further information about caring for animals is available on RSPCA’s knowledgebase.


Clear the Shelter

RSPCA South Australia – 25 Meyer Road, Lonsdale

Sat/Sun: 10am to 2pm

ph: 1300 4 777 22


RSPCA Animal Care Centre – 22 Windsor Ave, Port Lincoln

Saturday: 9am to 12pm (closed Sunday)

Ph: 08) 8682 3016 (during opening hours)


RSPCA animal shelter – 7 Cook Street, Whyalla Norrie

Saturday: 10am to 12pm (closed Sunday)

Ph: 08) 8644 0172 (during opening hours)


RSPCA PetVille – 345 North-East Rd, Hillcrest

Sat: 9am to 5pm

Sun: 11am to 5pm

ph: (08) 8266 6582



  • Hendon (kittens only) – 113-115 Tapleys Hill Rd, Hendon. Ph 7087 2216
  • Holden Hill – 1/578 North East Road, Holden Hill. Ph 7087 2225
  • Melrose Park (kittens only) – Melrose Plaza – 9/1031 South Rd, Melrose Park. Ph 7087 2229
  • Mile End (kittens only) – 122-138 Railway Tce – Homemaker Centre, Mile End. Ph 8351 8130
  • Noarlunga (kittens only) – 84 Dyson Rd, Noarlunga Centre. Ph 7087 2219
  • Norwood (kittens only) – 31 The Parade, Norwood. Ph 8363 3255
  • Prospect (kittens only) – 3/252 Churchill Rd, Prospect. Ph 7087 2222

All animals available to adopt from RSPCA SA can be viewed HERE.

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