Owner sought for two stray sheep found wandering the streets at Henley Beach

July 14, 2020

An RSPCA South Australia rescue officer attended an unusual callout this morning after a Henley Beach resident found two sheep in her front yard.

Two police officers kept watch on the stray animals until RSPCA Rescue Officer Nalika van Loenen arrived at the Fleetwood Crescent home. As the three of them attempted to herd the animals into the property’s backyard, the larger male sheep managed to escape.

Stray sheep found in Henley Beach
A pursuit ensued and a member of the public helped to corner and capture the wayward animal.

Ms van Loenen transported the sheep to the RSPCA shelter at Lonsdale, where they now wait for their owner to reclaim them.

“It’s not every day we receive calls to capture sheep in suburbia,” Ms van Loenen said.

“My guess is that these two are family pets, perhaps living lawnmowers for someone.

“Luckily no-one was injured, because clearly having animals roaming at large poses a serious risk not only for the animals but also for motorists.”

Nalika van Loenen
RSPCA SA Rescue Officer Nalika van Loenen enroute to Lonsdale with sheep.


Anyone with information regarding these sheep

is urged to contact RSPCA on:

1300 4 777 22

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