I’ve found a pet – what should I do?

Please understand that only councils have powers relating to most stray animals in South Australia. So, if you find an uninjured stray cat, dog or any other companion animal, you must immediately contact the council where you found the animal.

However, if the animal is injured, please immediately call our 24-hour hotline on 1300 4 777 22. Our Animal Ambulance service can pick up injured dogs and cats for South Australia’s councils, before delivering them to a veterinarian for care.

Check for collar tag

Check if the animal has some visible form of identification, such as a collar tag. If they do, it’s important as a first step to try contact the owner before contacting your local council or RSPCA South Australia.

Scan the microchip

Take the animal to a council pound or veterinary clinic to have them scanned for a microchip. Again, try to make contact with the owner if you can.

Contact council

If you can’t locate the animal’s owner, immediately contact the council where you found the animal. They will advise you on next steps (the process may be a little different for each South Australian council area).

Make posters

Put up found posters in your area. Include a clear photograph and a note letting the owner know the council pound, animal shelter or veterinary clinic where you have left the animal. You can also leave your contact details on the poster if you wish.

Use social media

Use your network, ask for help, and post on all the lost and found pages you can find. We recommend posting on the Lost Dogs of Adelaide and Lost Pets of South Australia Facebook pages.

If you don’t have Facebook, email Lost Dogs of Adelaide on ldoa_sa@yahoo.com.au and Lost Pets of South Australia on lostpetssa@live.com.au.

Search our lost and found pets database

Lost and stray animals currently in care at one of our RSPCA shelters are listed in our database below.