Enabling you and your puppy to develop and grow together

Learning how to really understand and care for your puppy now provides an unshakeable bond for life – setting your new fur family member up so they can sail through life as a happier and more confident dog who makes a wonderful companion.

During our RSPCA Puppy Partnership Program, you’ll learn how to harness the power of positive socialisation, so puppy becomes much better equipped to cope with new experiences and interactions.

You’ll also learn great techniques to prevent those not so desirable but very natural behaviours at home – including common concerns such as toileting accidents, biting, chewing, jumping up, barking and being destructive when left alone.

Plus, by choosing RSPCA Dog Training, you’re also helping to protect animals in South Australia from cruelty and neglect – with course fees contributing to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in need.

RSPCA’s Puppy Partnership Program is a 5-week course

Who: Pups over 8 weeks but younger than 16 weeks at the start of the course and who have had their first vaccination. Fully vaccinated pups and those older than 16 weeks should enrol in our Foundation Program.
Duration: One 50-minute session a week for 5 weeks.
Investment: $125