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Extensive animal welfare problems are inherent in the Australian greyhound racing industry. These problems include – but are not limited to – high injury and euthanasia rates  illegal live baiting and the administration of banned or unregistered substances.

In South Australia particularly, the industry is struggling to meet its reduced animal ‘wastage’ targets and increase its rehoming targets.

Unlike some other Australian states, South Australia did not have a Parliamentary Inquiry into the greyhound industry, so we only have the industry’s own figures to work with. While Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA) has made some improvements in its statistics transparency and rehoming initiatives, there are still too many gaps in the data.

With insufficient information, we can’t know the scale of the welfare problems and the fate of individual greyhounds in the SA industry. 

RSPCA SA also urges the greyhound industry to implement and publicly publish a “birth-to-death tracking database” to accurately capture data on the situation of every individual greyhound born and raced in the industry.

This should include:

  • Birth numbers;
  • Training techniques;
  • Injury outcomes and deaths in trials and races;
  • Rehoming statistics (numbers for successful and unsuccessful attempts);
  • How and who treats injuries and means of killing/euthanasia;
  • Post-racing life and death figures;
  • Number of greyhound rearers and breakers;
  • Euthanasia numbers beyond those resulting from a race;
  • Number of unraced dogs;
  • Number of retired dogs; and
  • Initiatives for socialising dogs during racing lives to boost rehoming prospects.

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