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Large animals and livestock make amazing companions, but caring for all their needs is vital in ensuring they live an enriched and healthy life.

We occasionally offer livestock for adoption as both companions and pets. You’ll need to provide a suitable property and containment facilities for the type and number of animals you’re looking to adopt. You’ll also need to have the capacity to handle livestock, and have access to equipment to safely and legally transport them to your property.


What to consider before owning a large animal

Caring for livestock or large animals can be hard work and involve ongoing expenses for the life of the equine. While the reward for this hard work is a wonderful relationship with a beautiful creature, it is wise to consider your capacity to properly care for an animal before adopting.

All large animals need:

  • Ready access to fresh water and good-quality feed.
  • Social contact with other animals (many types of livestock are herd animals and should never be kept alone).
  • Clean, spacious and properly fenced paddocks, with shelter to provide protection from weather.
  • Regular exercise and freedom of movement to stand, stretch and lie down.
  • Regular worming and check ups from a veterinarian.

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