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  • Buzz's Fund

    Viciously attacked by a stranger’s dog at the park – Buzz has had to pay the ultimate price. Will you help us to heal his body and his heart?

    Amount raised: $5,442
    Our goal: $3,500
  • Aslan's Fund

    Aslan, was found on the side of the road – broken and alone. Aslan had been picked up  and taken to the nearest vet for emergency treatment – and that was when we got the call about this gorgeous dog.

    Amount raised: $1,895
    Our goal: $1,800
  • Patch's Fund

    Patch didn’t do anything wrong. But that didn’t stop his owner surrendering him to us because he took too much time to look after. At least that was what he told us.

    Amount raised: $250
    Our goal: $1,600
  • Kitty's Fund

    Imagine being all alone, cold, hungry, scared and in the worst pain of your life. Now imagine that AND being only 6 weeks old.

    This is how Kitty, the kitten was found when a kind lady  picked her up from the side of the road and called RSPCA SA to help her.

    Amount raised: $1,060
    Our goal: $1,200
  • Safe Kennels

    Research shows that women with pets delayed seeking refuge from domestic violence in up to 85% of cases, for fear of their pets being harmed in their absence.

    In response to this urgent and critical issue, RSPCA South Australia has developed the Safe Kennels Program.

    Amount raised: $153,480
    Our goal: $300,000

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