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  • Paella's Story

    Paella is our star – our brave, furry star. A passer-by found this seven-year-old Staffy cross in the street and called for help. Paella was one of the most severely emaciated dogs we have ever treated and was just a couple of days from the point of no return – the next stage of her agony would have seen her organs start to shut down.

    Because this poor dog hadn’t been fed for weeks.

    Despite huge public interest, our investigations into her case have hit a dead end. We don’t know who owned her or where she was living, but we do know she was close – desperately close – to death when we rescued her.

    As you may have seen, Paella’s story captured the hearts of the public. RSPCA South Australia Senior Vet Dr Brad Ward closely supervised every step of her recovery. After five months of the very best intensive round-the-clock care from RSPCA South Australia, she has made a full recovery.

    But only a small number of the people who were touched by Paella’s courage truly understand how much help we need to continue to save the lives of animals like her.

    Please will you give an urgently needed donation now?

    Tragically, many animals suffer cruelty and their stories never hit the headlines. They need our help too. And we are under more and more pressure. Last year alone, RSPCA Inspectors had to handle a 28% increase in cruelty reports. And we never know when we’re going to discover a dog like Paella, who needed skilled medical treatment and loving care for months.

    The end of the tax year is approaching and RSPCA South Australia must raise $207,410 to put us on a more stable financial footing. We need your help to fund essential work – including more rescues, and more care for animals like Paella, who are close to death when we find them.

    Please give whatever you can. Your support is urgently needed. Because animals like Paella are starved of food, and starved of love.

    Dr Ward treated Paella on arrival – giving her a complete set of tests to ensure she had no other injuries or illnesses.

    “Paella was extremely emaciated – she was like a walking skeleton. I’m just so thankful that she was found that day, because just a short time later it would have been too late. We wouldn’t have been able to save her.”

    Dr Ward put together a special feeding program to allow Paella to put on weight slowly, without risk.

    “When you treat a fragile animal like Paella, there’s a danger that they’ll get Re-feeding Syndrome from eating too much, too quickly. Their system is no longer used to food. Without close supervision, an animal like Paella can become really sick, and even die.”

    Animals like Paella are desperately fragile. She needed – and received – incredible care from our veterinary and shelter staff, who fed her, comforted her and checked on her day and night. Because the heartbreaking truth is we didn’t know if Paella was going to make it. And it took everything we had to give her a fighting chance.

    It seems likely from her timid reaction to strangers that Paella hadn’t had much love and affection in her life before. But she’s making up for it now. Karen, who fostered Paella, has now happily adopted her. She says, “Paella is such a dear dog. I love her and she loves me. She loves to be patted and gives me her paw. I’m delighted to be the one giving her a second chance.”

    Please send a gift to help a fragile animal recover from cruelty.

    Because we need your help. We really do.

    Amount raised: $60,871
    Our goal: $207,410
  • Duck Hunting

    RSPCA South Australia needs your help to ask South Australian politicians not to duck for cover when it comes to tackling the issue of duck hunting. Tell them you want duck hunting banned.

    Signatures: 23
    Our goal: 150


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