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  • DJ's Story

    Backyard breeders aren’t like you. You love animals and treasure their beautiful personalities, but they just see them as a way of making money – and they do it ruthlessly. Utterly ruthlessly. We need your help to protect innocent animals from cruel backyard breeders.

    Amount raised: $78,655
    Our goal: $102,600
  • Moo Moo's Fund

    Our vet team saved Moo Moo’s life when they removed a huge ball of shoe laces and hair ties from her stomach. Read more about Moo Moo’s story, and help us give her the care she needs & the home she deserves.

    Amount raised: $622
    Our goal: $1,900

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World For Pets pet shop is Australia's largest pet superstore. Best of all profits from items sold by World for Pets goes toward RSPCA.
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