Fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people

Noses In Motion and RSPCA South Australia Dog Training have teamed up to offer some amazing new scent work courses. All courses are taught using the K9 Nose Work® methodology by a Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor.

Classes provide an opportunity for the companion and sport dog to have an outlet for their natural scenting ability. Each course builds upon the previous one, introducing more mental challenges and problem-solving exercises, whilst building your dog’s confidence, independence and focus.

In “An Introduction to..” your dog will begin by searching for their favourite treats in boxes, using their innate ability to scent and empowering them to guide the search.

As your dog progresses through their Nosework career, they develop more confidence, skills and expertise to search multiple target odours on vehicles, containers, interior rooms, and exteriors (just like their working detection dog counterparts), all whilst having the time of their noses.

As your dog’s companion, you are not forgotten! You will learn to trust, understand and observe both your dogs and others search style as you become part of the dog-handler team.

Unlike many other dog training or sporting activities, Nosework classes are designed for only one dog to search at one time. All other dogs are secure in a vehicle or crated away. Which means almost all dogs, no matter how anxious or social, can participate safely and build confidence.

Dog sniffing

Introduction to Noseworks is a 6-week workshop

Who: Pretty much any dog with a nose! High energy dogs who struggle to settle and dogs who are reactive or anxious may find Noseworks particularly beneficial, but most dogs who sniff will love it.
Duration: One 90-minute session a week for 6 weeks.
Investment: $220

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