Sheep gets much-needed haircut after 5 years wandering Mount Bold Reservoir

August 15, 2018

Here at RSPCA we’re used to seeing animals of all sheeps and sizes, but this story really raises the baa!

The call came in on August 3: a stray sheep had been spotted wandering in South Australia’s largest reservoir – sporting the thickest coat of wool we’ve ever seen.

RSPCA Inspector Emma and Strays Team Leader Cassie hoofed it up to Mount Bold Reservoir, where – through shear force of will – SA Water staff had managed to catch and contain 6-year-old Woolly.

It’s likely wiley Woolly hadn’t been shorn in at least five years.

Enter local shearer and RSPCA foster carer Luke, who knew full wool that this old boy needed a haircut, stat.

Two hours and a huge amount of elbow grease later, and Woolly was a full 32 kilograms lighter. Luke says the workmansheep certainly wasn’t easy, but Woolly seemed very happy to have the weight lifted from his shoulders!

Woolly also got to experience his 15 minutes of fame, with Channel 7 news popping up to ensure the whole show was well doc-ewe-mented.

The old boy will spend the next few weeks snug in a shearing shed while he grows enough wool to brave the rest of our South Aussie winter.

From there, Luke reckons he’ll retain ownersheep of Woolly forever more. “He’s a bit of a special case, so he’ll just go up to my Kersbrook property to eat the grass with a couple of the other old blokes,” Luke told us.

Freedom was fun wool it lasted, hey Woolly!

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One thought on “Sheep gets much-needed haircut after 5 years wandering Mount Bold Reservoir”

  1. Andrea

    Brilliant!!! in more ways than one 😉
    …and thank God for the good humans that care 🙂 🙂

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