Wet weather fun with your dog!

May 30, 2017

Not sure what to do with your pooch when it’s raining cats and dogs? RSPCA South Australia Animal Behaviorist Sam gave us her top 5 things to enrich your dogs when the weather is miserable outside!

  • Do small training sessions throughout the day and night. These can be very brief, under five minutes. It may even be something that your dog already knows like sit, drop or shake.
  • Teaching your dog a new trick can be fun and easy for both! You can find out more here
  • Use enrichment materials. Instead of feeding in a bowl use a Kong, a Kong Wobbler or make treat boxes. These will also help keep your dog occupied when you’re not at home or if the bad weather makes them nervous (you can read more about what to do with dogs in storms here).  However, please don’t leave dogs unattended with food enrichment if there is more than one dog.
  • Watch a movie and snuggle up with your canine companion. 
  • Give your furry best friend a massage!

We’d love to know if you have any wet weather tips!

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