Border collie pup dumped in bin now lives life of luxury with new family

March 11, 2019

Little Tuxon and his siblings are so very lucky to be alive. The six border collie cross puppies were found dumped in a bin in Adelaide’s north east in April 2017.

RSPCA South Australia Inspector Craig responded to the call and rushed the abandoned litter to RSPCA Lonsdale for medical intervention.

Veterinary care and love in a foster home

Only a few weeks old and separated from their mother, Tuxon and his five siblings were placed into foster care for seven weeks after receiving some much needed veterinary care. Finally, the lucky litter of puppies were placed up for adoption.

Tuxon the border collie

Having worked in a pet shop for six years and understanding the benefits of choosing the adoption option, Eva and her partner Matt were ready to open their hearts and home to a lucky dog.

With his distinctive eye colour and luscious mane of hair, Tuxon was an easy choice for Eva. “Tuxon stood out from all the other pups, his markings and his beautiful blue eyes made it easy to choose him,” explains proud Eva.

Naturally, such a good-looking pup immediately needed his own Instagram account. His happy adventures are now regularly shared via @tuxon_wells.

Loads of love for this affectionate charmer

Tuxon is such an avid fan of fetch that Eva struggles to pull him away from a game without those puppy eyes alluring her into just one more throw.

Tuxon, ever the gentlemen, makes sure to return the favour in the form of an endless stream of cuddles and smooches, providing Matt and Eva with all the love in the world.

“He is very affectionate and loves to smother his human parents with cuddles,” Eva says.

Road to recovery all thanks to foster carer

Tuxon’s road to ‘happily ever after’ wouldn’t have been possible without the love, support and efforts of RSPCA foster carer Amelia.

By providing a temporary home to Tuxon and his siblings during their time of need, Amelia was able to give the beautiful bunch of pups the best chance at a new life.

“They were the most gorgeous little pups and were such a pleasure to foster,” Amelia recalls.

Tuxon still holds a special place in Amelia’s heart. He even went back to stay with Amelia while his forever family went on holidays.

Still a playful and loving dog, Tuxon and Amelia share a bond that only pup and foster mum can – its puppy love.

Foster carers: the backbone of RSPCA

Highly rewarding and an integral part of helping in-need animals feel love, develop bonds, socialise and eventually find their forever homes, foster carers are the backbone of the RSPCA South Australia.

Tuxon’s foster mum Amelia encourages anybody thinking about fostering animals to do so and help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable animals.

“Fostering puppies is a lot of work but it is so very rewarding to see the progress they make in such a short time before finding their forever families,” Amelia says.

Are you interested in providing a temporary foster home for animals in need? Head to our foster page and help animals like Tuxon find their happiness again.


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