Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrates 20 years of promoting animal adoptions

June 14, 2018

They greet us every morning, and wait for hours to see us again at the end of the day. But next Friday – June 22 – is the one day of the year when your faithful canine companion might be able to join you at work.

Established by Pet Sitters International in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrates the joys of canine companionship and encourages non-dog owning employees to consider finding a place in their hearts and homes for dogs in need.

The event started in the United States but its popularity has grown, and now companies in five other countries (Israel, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) participate.

“Owning a dog is known to improve our physical and mental health and we want more people to benefit from the fantastic bond that humans and dogs can form,” RSPCA South Australia spokesperson Carolyn Jones said.

“Take Your Dog to Work Day raises awareness of what great companions dogs make, and of their need for human company.

“We’d love it if more dogs went to work with their owners, where possible, rather than being left alone at home all day.”

Dogs make up about 30% of the 10,000 animals RSPCA South Australia cares for every year. In the last financial year the charity found new homes for 868 dogs.

Anyone keen to hold a TYDTWDay is encouraged to broach the idea with their employer or head of human resources. If holding it on Friday June 22 is not possible, then they could suggest any day during that week.

“TYDTWDay is a fantastic opportunity for companies and businesses – no matter how small or large – to recognise the role pets play in their employees’ lives and to demonstrate their support for the important cause of animal adoption,” Ms Jones said.

“The day can also be used to raise money for animal shelters, such as RSPCA South Australia’s shelter at Lonsdale, and we can suggest loads of easy and fun fundraising ideas.”

To register for a Take Your Dog to Work Day pack (including treats, toys and a donation box) go to: www.rspcasa.org.au/take-your-dog-to-work-day

You can also find tips to ensure your dog enjoys his day at work with you here – http://kb.rspca.org.au/what-should-i-consider-before-taking-my-dog-to-the-office_552.html.

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