RSPCA South Australia continues push for greyhound inquiry

September 21, 2016

The following statement is from Tim Vasudeva, CEO of RSPCA South Australia:

“For over a year and a half, RSPCA has been calling on Greyhound Racing SA to release the number of dogs bred, raced, retired, rehomed and killed for the last five years. Finally, on the day of the vote about a greyhound Inquiry, GRSA has released one year of unverified data, and projected these numbers for the next two years.

“They have provided no historical data to justify the trends they have predicted. Basing a projected trend on one year worth of data is nonsensical.

“It’s positive to see that public pressure has forced some of this information to come to light, however GRSA are still not being transparent. We still don’t know how many healthy greyhounds the industry has killed over the past five years.

“We also don’t know how GRSA plans to achieve the trends they have predicted, while simultaneously opening up the SA industry to breeders and trainers from other states including NSW, where significant welfare problems have led to a planned shut-down of the industry by the NSW Government.

“There remains a blatant conflict of interest in allowing the same governing body responsible for the commercial side of greyhound racing to also be the one policing it.

“We urge Members of the Upper House to support today’s motion for a Parliamentary Inquiry into Greyhound Racing.”

An RSPCA Spokesperson will be available for interview at 12 noon on the steps of Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide, with Greens MLC Tammy Franks.

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