What can I do to find my lost pet?

We’re so sorry to hear you’ve lost your pet – we know how distressing this situation can be. If your pet has escaped or gone missing, it’s important to take quick action. Here are the steps we recommend.

Search immediately

Don’t wait in the hope your pet will find its own way home. Search your home and yard thoroughly, including any spaces you think your pet may not be able to fit through. Walk the streets and recently visited locations, like the dog park. Ask passers-by if they’ve seen your pet.

Reach out to councils and vets

First, contact council pounds and veterinary clinics – even ones outside your local area, as your pet might have travelled surprisingly far. Keep in regular contact, as some animal descriptions can be difficult to match over the phone.

Contact RSPCA and AWL

Contact local animal shelters. If your lost pet is microchipped, register them with RSPCA by calling 1300 477 722 or by filling out our ‘lost pets’ form. Also call Animal Welfare League on (08) 8348 1300.

Update your pet’s microchip

Make sure your pet’s microchip details are up-to-date so you can be contacted if and when they are found (instructions on how to do that here). It’s also very important to also update your pet’s microchip record to reflect that they are missing.

Inform your neighbours

Let your neighbourhood know about your missing pet … they could be found close by! Create flyers to display in local shops, service stations and on community notice boards. Consider advertising in the ‘lost and found’ section of your local newspaper and door-knocking your neighbourhood.

Use social media

Use your network, ask for help, and post on all the lost and found pages you can find. We recommend posting on the Lost Dogs of Adelaide and Lost Pets of South Australia Facebook pages.

If you don’t have Facebook, email Lost Dogs of Adelaide on ldoa_sa@yahoo.com.au and Lost Pets of South Australia on lostpetssa@live.com.au.

Search our list of found animals in temporary care at RSPCA shelters

As part of our commitment to helping reunite owners with their animals, we list all lost and stray animals that come into our care in the database below.

If your lost pet is microchipped, please fill out our lost pets form so we can enter their microchip number into our database – we’ll contact you if your animal is currently in one of our shelters, or if they come into our care in the future.