If you have lost your pet, please call RSPCA South Australia on 1300 4 777 22 and provide us with following information, along with a photo of your pet:

  • Owner’s name
  • Owner’s address
  • Primary phone
  • Secondary phone
  • Date animal went missing
  • Location where animal went missing from including suburb
  • Animal name
  • Animal breed
  • Animal hair/fur length and colour
  • Animal age
  • Animal sex
  • Desexed or entire
  • Description of animal collar/s
  • Animal identification such as tag or microchip number
  • Any other distinguishing features

We also recommend listing your lost pet with following organisations:

  • Animal Welfare League Wingfield – Phone: (08) 8348 1300
  • Animal Welfare league Elizabeth West – Phone: (08) 8256 0000
  • Your local Council
  • Your local vet clinic and other vet clinics in your area

It is also recommend that you post a photo of your lost pet on the Facebook sites ‘Lost Dogs of Adelaide‘  and ‘Lost Pets of South Australia’.

You can also email them a photo, accompanied with the above information to the following email addresses:

You could also consider advertising in the Lost & Found section of your local newspaper, creating a flyer to display in local shops, service stations and community notice boards, door knocking your neighbourhood, or using your social media networks to spread the word.

Make sure you keep in contact with and visit animal shelters and vet clinics regularly as some animal descriptions can be difficult to match over the phone.

You can also search the below list of found animals who have been impounded in RSPCA South Australia shelters. Please note that lost dogs who are cared for temporarily at RSPCA South Australia’s shelters will be microchipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms while in our care. This service costs our organisation $50, but is essential to protecting the animal’s health and making it easier for them to be reunited with their owners if they are ever lost in the future. When reclaiming a lost dog, owners will be charged $50 to recover the cost of providing this service and may also be required to pay for any additional medical fees incurred by the animal while in our care.