Build the ultimate team between you and your dog

Have you ever wanted a PhD for your dog?

Our RSPCA Dogtorate Program is all about building the ultimate team between you and your canine best pal. We fully demonstrate that not only is training always fun for you and your dog, but also that it’s fundamentally important for your dog’s wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

These classes, offered for dogs who’ve completed our Canine College, will take some of the skills you have learned ‘on the road’ while using the latest scientific training methods to build your dog’s confidence, self control and learning ability. You will see them flourish as they start to understand how they can have a say in their training.

We will also introduce some of the many sporting activities and games that have been developed to provide our dogs with the healthy physical and mental stimulation that really enhances their lives. Plus, it’s super fun for us humans, too.

RSPCA’s Dogtorate Program is a 6-week course

Who: Dogs who have completed Canine College
Duration: 50-minute sessions for 6 weeks
Investment: $150