Senior cat Zeus wins over a diehard dog lover

September 11, 2021

Abandoning a family pet when moving home is an unkind (and illegal) act that continues to this day, despite the humane option of surrendering unwanted animals to a reputable animal welfare organisation such as RSPCA.

Imagine being left behind by the only family you’ve ever known, with no food or water. Sadly, Zeus and his two siblings had to experience this as kittens because of the actions of their previous owners, who just left them behind when they moved house.

For two entire weeks, Zeus and his siblings were left to fend for themselves; as domesticated young animals, it is unlikely they would have survived much longer.

Fortunately, a kind neighbour contacted the RSPCA after noticing that the poor babies had been left behind. She gave them food and water but was concerned they would get trapped when housing commission workers came to repair the hole in the floor the kittens were hiding beneath.

Inspectors to the rescue

Lucky for Zeus and his siblings, the RSPCA inspectors were able to trap the three cats and bring them to the Lonsdale shelter for care.

All three kittens were adopted, but four years later Zeus was back at the Lonsdale shelter after being picked up by council officers as a stray. Multiple attempts to contact his owner failed, so once again Zeus was looking for a new home.

It didn’t take long for this friendly cat to capture someone’s heart. Zeus found his new dad in the unlikely person of dog-loving Leigh.

Thunderstruck by the love of Zeus

Leigh and his wife Johanne had always been dog lovers, having had three much-loved pups in the past. After seven years of a pet-less home, Leigh decided to head down to our RSPCA Lonsdale shelter to look at … cats!

That’s where he met the lovely Zeus. “In September 2019 I decided on a whim to have a look at the cats at the shelter, and noticed our little man.”

Leigh says that Zeus gave him no choice but to keep him.

“When I opened his cage he came up to me and rubbed himself against me. I went home and brought my wife to see him and he worked his charms on her as well, so he came home with us. We have not regretted for one minute making him part of our family.”

“I would have described myself as a dog person, but I believe many people don’t realize how loving a cat can be.”

Some people have reservations in regards to cats due to the misguided belief that they are not as affectionate as dogs. Cats are loving, amazing companions and are suitable for many different types of households.

Whilst some cats may be reserved around strangers, they are devoted to their families and very loyal to those that they love. It’s a case of understanding that individual cat’s nature and matching him or her to the right owner and home environment – and that’s what RSPCA’s skilled cat-care team does best!

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