Dumped, scared and alone: Bindi’s second chance at life

March 16, 2019

At five months old, Bindi (formerly Gi Gi) should have been tumbling about, enjoying belly rubs, and playing with toys. Instead, she was found dumped at our Lonsdale shelter with a badly broken leg.

The Staffy cross Bull Terrier pup was in a lot of pain and required immediate specialist surgery for her broken leg.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our beautiful supporters, who responded to our 2017 emergency appeal for help and donated to help save Bindi, this gorgeous girl is now living in a caring and loving home – where she has made a full recovery.

Bindi’s long road to recovery

GiGi's x-ray

Bindi was in pain and her leg severely swollen when she was found by our Lonsdale shelter staff. Her leg was broken just above her elbow joint – we’ll never know exactly how this happened –and skilled surgery was required to stabilise her little leg using plates and screws.

After recovering in foster care for two months, this little lady was soon adopted by a beautiful local family.

Bindi’s new owner Anson kept an eye on our adoption pages for quite some time before he found the perfect fit for his family. “I have a seven-year-old and a nine-year-old child, so ideally I wanted to rescue a puppy they could grow up together with,” Anson says.

“I’ve always known about RSPCA South Australia, as I live locally to the shelter. I always wanted to adopt a rescue dog, as I believe they deserve a second chance, so I wanted to reach out to RSPCA.”

One last hurdle as poor Bindi re-breaks her leg

Unfortunately, Bindi’s story took a turn for the worse soon after her adoption.

Bindi’s leg was so weak from her former injury that, although her family did everything recommended by our vets, she dramatically broke her leg again one month later by jumping off the couch at her new home.

Highly distressed, Anson rushed Bindi back to our shelter, where our expert veterinarians gave the advice that the leg simply couldn’t be saved and would need to be amputated.

Thankfully, since her amputation, Bindi has gone from strength to strength – having three legs doesn’t stop this cutie from having fun.

Anson says the family loves taking Bindi for short walks, and she also loves to play and chase with toys, and explore her surroundings.

Bindi in her new home

A happily ever after for Bindi

Now 18 months old, this little lady spends her days chasing the hose, laying on her sandpit under a palm tree and chasing the kids’ feet under the trampoline.

At night Bindi loves nothing more than cuddling up to her human friends while they sleep.

“I’m so glad we could give her a second chance to have a family,” Anson says. “She is such a family-orientated pup. My children absolutely adore her.”

Bindi sleeping with new family

From the bottom of our hearts, we’re so grateful to all our supporters who made Bindi’s new life a reality. Want to help animals in urgent need, just like Bindi? Head over here to see our current emergency appeals.


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4 thoughts on “Dumped, scared and alone: Bindi’s second chance at life”

  1. Richard

    I don’t have much money but I have 5 loving children and a 13 year old beautiful jack Russell who would love a friend. We live on a 1200 block in the foot hills.

  2. Anna

    so cute and someone would love her

  3. Anna

    i have got two brothers called Campbell and Fraser

  4. Anna

    SO cute and adorable and i am feeling quite sorry for her at the moment please will someone adopt her and have her as a family pet someday,

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