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RSPCA South Australia vs. Rogers

August 25, 2016

WARNING: Graphic Images

Earlier today the matter of RSPCA South Australia vs Rogers finalised in Elizabeth Magistrates Court.

On the evening of 5 April 2014 at One Tree Hill, the defendant, Paul Rogers, shot a Rottweiler with a bow and arrow, resulting in traumatic injuries.

Mr Rogers shot the dog on his property during a party, after the dog had injured a child who was in attendance at the party. The Rottweiler was found the next day by an RSPCA South Australia Inspector, still alive, but suffering serious spinal injuries.

The RSPCA South Australia Inspector took the Rottweiler to a local veterinary hospital for urgent attention, however veterinary advice was to humanely euthanise the dog due to the extent of his injuries.

Following many court appearances and more than two years of hard work by RSPCA South Australia’s Inspectorate and Legal Counsel, Mr Rogers pleaded guilty to aggravated cruelty charges. Today in court he was convicted and the Magistrate sentenced Mr Rogers to a six month term of imprisonment, which was wholly suspended. The court also issued an order banning Mr Rogers from owning animals for five years, and ordered him to pay costs of nearly $4,000.

RSPCA South Australia’s Chief Inspector Ms Andrea Lewis said the sentence was disappointing.

“For serious aggravated matters of this nature, I believe a sentence involving at least some prison time, and a lifetime ban on owning animals would be more appropriate.

“Not only did the defendant intentionally cause serious harm to the dog, making this an aggravated matter, he was left to suffer with heinous injuries until being discovered by an RSPCA Inspector the next day.”

“Under the Animal Welfare Act penalties for aggravated animal cruelty are up to four years imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000.”

RSPCA South Australia will deliberate with legal counsel to consider any further action in relation to this case.

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