RSPCA set to open new one-stop shop for pet owners within Adelaide’s north-east

October 30, 2018

Opportunities for animal lovers to support the rescue and care of animals in need are set for a major boost with RSPCA South Australia’s decision to open a suburban one-stop shop for pets, the first of many planned.

Driven by the goal to maintain and expand RSPCA South Australia’s animal care and rescue services, the Society has secured the lease of a prominent commercial site in Adelaide’s north-east.

The handover of keys to the property, located at 345-347 North-East Rd, Hillcrest, takes place at 9am this Wednesday October 31.

New RSPCA Hillcrest store

According to RSPCA South Australia Chief Operations Officer Kevin Tinkler, this week’s takeover of the premises represents the culmination of an extensive yearlong search for the perfect location and amenities to transform into the Society’s first customised pet supplies and services retail space.

“This site first came on to our radar six months ago, and we immediately saw the potential for realising our plans,” Mr Tinkler said.

“It’s already operating as a pet supplies business, and will continue to trade while we begin the process of creating a one-stop shop for pet owners seeking not only quality petcare products, but also expert services like cat boarding and dog and cat grooming.”

While the new facility will not sell any animals, customers will have the opportunity to adopt one of the cats or kittens in the RSPCA’s care.

“When it comes to finding a new animal to join your family, we always favour adopting an animal in need over acquiring one via other means,” Mr Tinkler said.

“Our Lonsdale shelter has plenty of animals waiting for new homes, but for some people that drive down south is just too far.

“We’re hopeful that enabling potential adopters to meet cats and kittens at this near city location will result in many more animals finding good homes, and of-course every animal adopted from us comes fully vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.”

With the report from the Senate Inquiry into Petfood released this month, RSPCA South Australia is keen to reassure pet owners that all products sold at its new retail outlet – including petfood – will meet the strictest standards for pet safety and wellbeing. Aside from quality petfood, the outlet will only offer products that align with the latest scientific understandings around animal health and behaviour.

This means shoppers will not find, for example, aversive animal handling equipment like choke chains for dogs.

“We want people who choose to purchase products and services from RSPCA South Australia to do so with the complete confidence that everything sold – whether it be petfood, pet toys, medications, shampoos, cat boarding or grooming services – has been thoroughly assessed,” Mr Tinkler said.

“The South Australian community holds the RSPCA in high regard, and we don’t take that regard for granted.

“We know that our solid reputation rests on ensuring all of the animal care advice, products and services we offer continues to be of the highest quality.

“Cat owners, for example, will have access to the best cat boarding facilities in Adelaide once our Hillcrest facility is in full operation.”

The Hillcrest store will continue to trade as Northside Pet Superstore up until its relaunch under RSPCA South Australia’s banner early next year. Its opening will complement the Society’s other recent commercial ventures.

These include the new Op Shop Superstore at Kidman Park and a new doggy daycare facility in the Norwood area, incorporating retail and grooming services, that is due to open in April next year.

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