Meet the heroes of RSPCA South Australia: our generous donors

March 08, 2020

Many Australians are unaware that RSPCA South Australia is a charity organisation, 91% funded by community donations.

A lot of people think we’re fully government funded, but we’re not! It’s donations that fund our animal rehabilitation work, our dedicated rescue team, our veterinarians and our shelter staff.

Without the support our kind-hearted donors, there would be no RSPCA.

To show our enormous appreciation, we reached out to some of our most dedicated regular donors to thank them, and find out more about what they’re passionate about and why they donate to RSPCA.

Today, we’re excited to share their stories.

A long time dog rescuer, kind-hearted Irene wants to help all animals find the happiness they deserve


At 72, Irene lives in Morphett Vale and is a proud long-serving donor for RSPCA.

She has always been extremely passionate about animals of all shapes and sizes and has loved sharing her home with rescue dogs over the years.

Tragically, Irene recently had to say farewell to her two rescue dogs: Mitch, a Fox Terrier cross Jack Russel, and Chester, a Pomeranian cross.

But that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to help more dogs in need – in fact, it’s only made her want to help more.

Irene says, “We lost Mitch just before Christmas which broke my heart, and then six months later we found out Chester had liver cancer so we lost him too.

“They had always been wonderful dogs. I loved them so much and am now looking for two more small dogs to care for.

“I have always had rescue dogs and would not consider anything else.”

When we asked Irene about why she donates to RSPCA, she told us, “I have always loved animals… all animals. I find it so distressing to see the way some people treat them, as if they do not have feelings like you and I.”

“When I see stories about some of the abuse that happens to animals my heart goes out to them and I often cry,” she says.

“I hope my small donation will help some of these shockingly abused animals find some truly deserved happiness in their lives.”

And Irene’s donations have done exactly that. The compassionate animal lover has been donating monthly for over three years now, with every cent making a difference in helping animals who’ve survived the worst.

After losing her beloved rescue cats, generous Ingereth is committed to giving other animals a second chance


A 58-year-old supporter living in Canberra, Ingereth has been donating much-needed funds to RSPCA every month for over two years.

Despite having recently lost her two beautiful rescue cats to old age, she has continued to donate to other animals in need.

“My two cats died in the last few years, aged 19 and 17 after long and happy lives, having been adopted from the RSPCA,” Ingereth says.

“I don’t have any animals at the moment, so I am happy to give the funds I spent on them to other animals in need.” Could she be more selfless?

A generous soul at heart, Ingereth is also a proud supporter of a myriad of charities including biodiversity conservation efforts, Amnesty International and the Fred Hollows Foundation – although she admits that she has a particular soft spot for the passionate efforts of RSPCA.

“I respect the RSPCA’s approach and the help they give to people with pets, as well as the animals themselves,” the compassionate soul tells us.

“I think the way a society treats and regards its companion animals and wildlife tells you a lot about the values of that society, and RSPCA stands for the best in ours.”

Ingereth says, “I am happy to continue trying to help RSPCA as much as I possibly can.”

What an absolute superstar.

Kind words from some of our other loyal donors

Ann-Marie, 55, Berri


“I donate in hope that it will ensure there are always people available to help an animal in need. I am passionate about animal welfare and so saddened at the thought of any creature suffering no matter how large or small.

“My dogs mean the world to me and I would do anything to protect and care for them; I know the RSPCA feels the same way about all animals, and I hope they continue to grow and have more resources to protect and save animals, to penalise any acts of cruelty and teach children to care about animal welfare.”

Linda, 56, Torrensville


“Not only does the RSPCA shelter and re-home lost and abandoned animals, but they are the only organisation with a legal  mandate to seize abused animals and prosecute the abusers.

“This activity needs funding – funding to give these animals a voice.”

Merilyn, 62, Port Lincoln


“I just love dogs. We lost our two Rottys over a two year period and my heart was broken. Both my husband  and I wanted to do something that mattered so we went off to the local RSPCA and trained to be foster parents. Unfortunately we quickly became failed fosterers because the unconditional love of a little dog stole our hearts.

“We know that there are many pups that are not so fortunate and so we hope that by supporting the RSPCA with whatever we can afford will go somewhere to helping rescue and re-home the pups and other animals that deserve every kindness and a loving home.

“Well done RSPCA! We’re proud to be associated with you.”

Pauline, 54, Salisbury Park

“The RSPCA do an amazing job. The way RSPCA go about helping animals of every type – you rescue them and have to deal with the heartbreak of animals that have been abused and starved.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart on the work you do. I will continue to donate till the day I die. Thanks again for the fantastic work RSPCA does.”

This kitty is very grateful for the support

Erryn, 38, Hallet Cove

“I think you all do amazing work with the animals you rescue and re-home. I know that RSPCA take in as many rescue cases as they can and also help anyone who needs it.

“I am an animal lover, dogs in particular, and I can’t stand seeing them being mistreated. My dog was a rescue from Lonsdale and hopefully my next dog will be too.”

This is one very grateful doggy

Without you, there’s no us

We rely so heavily on the goodwill of our kind-hearted donors to continue being there for over 8,000 of South Australia’s most vulnerable animals every year.

Our supporters and regular donors aren’t just the heroes of RSPCA – they’re the heroes of abandoned, neglected, sick or lost animals all across our state.

We, and our beautiful furry friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Donating to a community funded charity like RSPCA is hugely rewarding and helps save animals all across South Australia. Are you passionate about animals just like our donors? Make a difference in the lives of animals who need you and become a regular donor today.

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