Know and practise fire emergency plan so everyone survives – including animals

January 08, 2019

As temperatures continue to fluctuate in the mid 30s and low 40s, RSPCA South Australia and the Country Fire Service have issued a joint call to pet owners living in bushfire prone areas to be well across their fire survival plan.

We are in the hottest part of the year and we will continue to see Total Fire Bans in place as a result of extreme weather conditions.

RSPCA SA Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis says it is essential pet owners in bushfire prone areas have prepared their Pet Emergency Plan as part of their wider Bushfire Survival Plan.

“We urge people to include pets in their wider Bushfire Survival Plan, prepare a Pet Emergency Kit with essential pet supplies and – most importantly – practise their plan,” Ms Lewis said.

“By having a solid plan, practising it to iron out any possible problems, and acting early when fires threaten, you can avoid danger, panic and potentially fatal situations for you and your animals.”

CFS Director, Preparedness Operations – Brett Loughlin, said transporting animals is one of the most important considerations when developing a Bushfire Survival Plan.

“Gathering cats, dogs or even horses once a bushfire warning message has been issued can be extremely stressful,” he said.

“Think about how you will transport your pets, where you will take them and who will take responsibility. It is important to practice the movement of your animals to understand how much time you need to allow.

“By having a plan that your family understands and is well across, it will reduce some of the stress if you are threatened by bushfire.”

For more information on preparing your own Pet Emergency Plan, visit:

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