Your child is missing out if they’re not an RSPCA Junior Rescue Officer!

June 05, 2019

The RSPCA’s Junior Rescue Officer Program encourages young people to become engaged in animal welfare.

Signing up to become a Junior Rescue Officer is simple, as your little animal lover can become one online as well as in person at one of our South Australian shelter locations.

Being a Junior Rescue Officer isn’t just about getting to cuddle lots of cute animals, as Junior Rescue Officers also have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of countless animals.

Here some other great reasons to encourage your young animal-lovers to join the RSPCA’s Junior Rescue Officer Program…

Junior Rescue Officers learn responsibility

As many already may know, having a pet is a huge responsibility.

Our Junior Rescue Officers get a head start on this responsibility, as they are taught how to give their pets and other animals they may encounter the best of care. Junior Rescue Officers are also taught about ways they can support the RSPCA and the welfare of animals by doing simple things such as, putting out a water bowl for animals on a hot day, hosting a fundraiser, donating blankets or food for the animals or even donating clothes, books or toys to one of the RSPCA’s op shops.

Junior Rescue Officers get creative

Junior Rescue Officers also have the opportunity to get in touch with their creative side, whether it’s by making enrichment toys for the animals at the RSPCA’s shelter, drawing a picture for a shelter animal, writing thank you letters for RSPCA volunteers or by brainstorming ideas on ways they could raise money for the RSPCA.

Junior Rescue Officers get lots of cool perks and gifts

Once they are all signed up, your young one will receive a bag filled with lots of goodies, including:

  • Their very own Official Junior Rescue Officer ID card
  • A Paw Points Handbook with 10 simple activities for them to complete throughout the year to receive a certificate
  • An awesome RSPCA Animania magazine
  • A super-cuddly Junior Rescue Officer bear!
  • A card on their birthday
  • 3 letters a year full of stories from our heroic rescue officers
  • The opportunity to make some friends at the RSPCA workshops as they pop up in various locations throughout the year

If you know a young animal-lover who is keen to make a difference and learn more about animal responsibility, learn more about our Junior Rescue Officer program here. Already a Junior Rescue Officer? Please send us your stories of how you helped an animal in need and we might feature you on our Facebook page! Simply email with your parent or guardian’s permission.

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