This previously malnourished mum and her tiny pups are almost unrecognisable now

September 01, 2020

At the end of 2019, Nala came into our care underweight, fighting to keep her four tiny puppies alive. 

The American Staffordshire Terrier was just three years old and weighed 25% less than she should have. Giving birth and caring for her pups had put such a terrible strain on her body.

Our team was hopeful we could help Nala and her four pups get the care they needed to survive – but with the tiny runt of the litter, Wilbur, weighing in at a mere 500g, this care was very touch-and-go.

Thankfully for Nala and her for pups, they had the support of the community behind them.

Animal lovers unite to help Nala and her pups grow big and strong

To help Nala regain her strength, our team placed her on a closely monitored feeding plan while her pups were monitored daily in specialised foster care.

Like with any animal who comes through our doors, we were committed to doing all we could to care for the needs of this puppy family.

But the sudden arrival of so many vulnerable animals put pressure on our already-stretched resources, and we reached out for help to cover the costs of caring for this beautiful family until they were all ready to move on to their forever homes.

It was so touching to see the support of those who wanted to ensure a bright future for these five canines and very kindly contributed to their care.

Soon, Nala and her babies would undergo a remarkable transformation…

Having totally blossomed in her forever home, Nala is now ‘a completely different dog’

When Toby and Kirsty went to our Lonsdale shelter in search of a canine companion to join their family, Nala was the first dog they saw.

“She was extremely timid, sitting right at the back of her kennel with her tail between her legs,” Toby shares.

And it was no wonder. Poor Nala had already been through so much – and she was slow to trust new people.

But Toby and Kirsty saw something special in this brave girl, and knew she would shine in their loving home.

“We both fell in love with her,” says Toby.

And now, Toby tells us that Nala has just blossomed.

“She is a completely different dog from the sad and anxious one we met at RSPCA.”

Isn’t it amazing what a lot of TLC can do?

Nala is welcome on family holidays, too – she recently joined her fur parents on a weekend away in Wirrabara, where she had a marvellous time playing and running through the scrub.

“She is truly part of our family, and extremely spolied,” Toby says.

“It has been extremely rewarding for us to be a part of Nala’s new life.”

We couldn’t have imagined a better family for this brave girl.

Tiny Wilbur (now named Charlie) is best friends with his little human sister – and has grown 50 times in size!

At first, Teresa and her family provided Charlie with a foster home while he grew bigger.

But of course, what was meant to be a temporary home soon turned into a forever one.

“Little Charlie with his huge roly poly personality quickly moulded himself into our hearts, there was never any chance we could give him back,” Teresa shares.

Incredibly, this not-so-little-anymore dog has grown to the weight of 25kg – 50 times the size he was when first in our care, as his litter’s tiny runt.

He is one big, very spoiled boy, who we’re told shares his little human’s bed at night, just as if he was the little dog she thought he might grow to be.

Charlie now spends his days basking in the sun or napping in whatever cosy spot he can. When he’s not lazing around, he can be found exploring his family’s 2.5 acre block, chasing the birds who dare come pinch his snacks!

“I believe he leaves some snacks just so he has birds to chase,” Teresa laughs.

Charlie is such a loved member of his family that he even has his very own Instagram. You can follow more of his adventures here: @oi_charlie_stop_that.

We certainly couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for our little 500g puppy Charlie, who was once half the size of his bigger brother!

‘A huge thank you to everyone who contributed’

In addition to Nala and Charlie, the other three pups in the family also went on to be adopted into loving homes, all thanks to the donors, volunteers and staff who contributed to their care.

“We would love to extend a huge thank you to everybody who contributed,” shares Charlie’s mum Teresa.

The sentiment is shared by Nala’s dad Toby, too.

“I’m really thankful that there are so many people out there who genuinely care about the welfare of animals,” Toby says.

Happy endings like these really are only possible thanks to a community of people coming together.

Thank you, Toby and Teresa, and thank you to all our supporters.

Charlie having a snooze.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’re so grateful to all our supporters who made the new lives of Nala, Charlie and all of this puppy family a reality. If you’d like to continue helping animals just like these pups,  head over here to see our current emergency appeals.

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